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Yuri Zababury – One of the most famous social media influencers in the Crypto space.

About Yuri Zababury

Yuri Zababury is an artist, photographer, YouTuber, and multi-disciplinary artist from the US. He has excellent knowledge of investing in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the Web3 space. His interest is in what’s new in the NFT space. He has also created the NFT collection called Non-Fungible Aliens.

Non-Fungible Aliens (NFA) are a limited edition collection of 4,000 NFT Aliens with extraordinary functionality. Yuri is among the most powerful marketing influencers in the NFT space. He is the owner of Zabaverse and manager of Contapralary, which makes him quite a celebrity on social media.

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Yuri Zababury is a Multidisciplinary Artist. He is a 3D enthusiast and also a crypto investor. He has been interested in the crypto space since he was a child. Since then, he has investigated this new technology. After that, NFT and Web3 came to the world. Because he has studied much more about NFT and the Web3 space, he has a wealth of experience in this field that only a few people have.

He has excellent knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Yuri is also a social media influencer. She has a huge following on social media. Although he trained as a painter, he initially broadened his practice to include sculpture and installation, as well as photography. Nikhil’s live art, theatre, painting, photography, sculpture and installations are part of his artistic work. His best performances explore themes such as identity, posing, self-portraiture, the process of transformation, and the role of performance length.

His lifestyle includes integrating everyday life with social history, beginning with the personal aspects. His regular activities, such as eating, sleeping, showering, dressing, and life-size drawing, took on a ritual quality. This shows that he is very disciplined and a constant person in his life.

Yuri’s investment

Yuri also has a lot of experience investing in cryptocurrencies and the NFT space. As an adult, he learned about Crypto and how it will create a lot of value in the future. After his success in the cryptocurrency space, many companies called on him to guide their future in cryptocurrency. Under his direction, the companies rapidly evolved to become market leaders, employing hundreds of people worldwide and generating millions of dollars in revenue. He once tried to enroll in a university business administration course, but was rejected due to lack of skills required by the particular university.

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His Instagram account has more than 19,300 followers and 98 posts with 250 followers. She gained popularity on Instagram posting cryptocurrency related posts. He is a photographer at heart, and many of his posts are related to his photography. He is also a 3D enthusiast and also posted his art on Instagram. All of these things are leading to huge success on Instagram.