Yereq Announces First Ever Electric Vehicle Kilowatt Crypto Mining Charging Software – The Decentralized Way Forward for EV Use in a Digital-First World

Yereq, a pioneer in an EV mining ecosystem, revolutionizes the future of EV blockchain charging coin with the YEREQ GEO token and YEREQ GEO app.

Introducing the world’s first app that enables electric vehicle charging backed by its own cryptographic token, Yereq is leading the way in an emerging trillion-dollar electric mobility industry. your token, Yereq GEO It is based on the Ethereum smart chain ecosystem and connects directly to the Yereq GEO app, which allows users to pay using their proprietary tokens.

In this fast-growing industry, the coming together of blockchain and electric vehicle technology is a staggeringly obvious fusion, as digital markets and global economies turn to web3 for the future of business at all scales. Also, the demand to end sales of gasoline-powered cars is fast becoming a reality. According to a new report from the California Energy Commission (CEC), the state of California will require nearly 1.2 million EV charging stations by 2030.

Now with the ability to charge an electric vehicle without the need for membership, Yereq is infusing flexibility and freedom in the use of electric vehicles, with state-of-the-art technology integrated with proprietary software and hardware components. In fact, each EV charger retains network capabilities of blockchain nodes that act as a network for Yereq token usage based on the kilowatts used to charge an e-vehicle. Smooth and seamless, the charging process is simple and straightforward from start to finish.

In the future, the Yereq app will also support FIAT currency deposits, converting these funds into Yereq tokens without third-party interference. Yereq also expects to develop a smart contract publication token, launch it on Uniswap and Julswap, as well as private license sales, additional coin listings, and more.

To learn more about the innovative YEREQ GEO token and YEREQ GEO app, as well as future blockchain synergy and EV charging, visit as much as

About Yereq Geo

Yereq is a deflationary, decentralized token to be used as a digital currency to pay for charging electric vehicles. The Yereq Token is the core utility and support token for the Yereq EV charging ecosystem, which was created to assist in the deployment of EV charging stations in the US. Each EV charger has proprietary software and hardware which act as a network of blockchain nodes for the use of Yereq tokens based on the kilowatts used to charge an e-vehicle.

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