Why Regulating Your Investments Is Key to the Crypto Industry

Every year more and more people are getting interested in cryptocurrencies and investing money in them. To do this with maximum profit, you need to understand all the subtleties and pitfalls, as well as discipline your investments.

Although cryptocurrencies have been on the market for a long time, investing in them can still be considered a relatively new phenomenon. Until now, many people do not understand how digital money works and therefore are afraid to invest in them.

For example, you can invest in a relatively “new” but promising coin, and the next day its value will collapse by 40% due to another joke posted by Elon Musk on Twitter.

Also, do not forget that cryptocurrencies are currently in the “grey zone”. Formally, they are not prohibited, but the bank may refuse such a transfer or carry out additional control.

In fact, the electronic money market is potentially the most profitable, but the probability of losing everything is also quite high.

Where to start, what cryptocurrencies to buy, where to buy them – these and many other questions are on the mind of any junior crypto investor.

There are enough successful examples of investments. For example, bitcoin: in 2010, 5,000 bitcoins were barely enough to buy a pizza with mushrooms, and today its price is already $20,000 (and last year it reached an all-time high of $69,000).

Immediately it is worth noting that the main way to make money on cryptocurrencies is speculation. You buy crypto when its value goes down and sell when it goes up; In theory, it’s simple. But the problems begin to appear when trying to analyze these same ups and downs.

You should choose a relatively popular and safe cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. It is the main cryptocurrency; the entire market is tied to it and it has a limited issue (21,000,000).

If the “casino” mode (rapid speculation) is not to your liking, then the basis of investment regulation is the accumulation of cryptocurrencies. You can buy in equal monthly installments, allocating a certain amount of your income. By buying cryptocurrencies, you can keep them on the exchange for months or years and sell them if necessary.

To make your money work for you, a popular option is mining. However, those familiar with cryptocurrencies understand that mining is a very expensive business model. The purchase of a small mining farm for bitcoin mining will cost around $50-60,000. Therefore, enterprising miners began to rent their capacities, thereby earning commissions. This is how cloud mining appeared.

To get started, you need to decide which company you will lease the capacity to. Do your own market research, read reviews and check out the offer. Most of the time, you can conclude a contract: you buy X capacity for X period of time, pay X funds and make an approximate X profit.

solminery The company provides “environmentally friendly” cloud mining services, renting the capacity of its data centers to users. This is an easy way to mine crypto without the noise of running equipment in your home and the need to spend a lot of money to buy it. This saves a ton of effort and time as you don’t need to keep track of the equipment, pay your electricity bills or take care of it – the equipment is already set up and ready to go. The first benefit can be received

immediately after signing the cloud contract. Each contract differs in cost, lease term, amount of leased capacity, and level of referral bonus. Payments are made in Bitcoin, which makes the system accessible and secure for everyone.

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