What Is unMineable, And Is It Safe?


unMineable uses the power of a PC’s GPU and CPU to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but caution should be exercised to avoid mining scams.

Many CRYPTOCURRENCIES trust miners and unMineable is an application that uses the processing power of a personal computer’s CPU and GPU to generate digital money. This comes as a reward for validating transactions, a system known as Proof of Work (PoW). A valid concern about any crypto mining app is whether it is safe to use, as scams are common with these solutions.

The prevalence of cryptocurrency-related fraud mining applications means that it is best to proceed with great caution when installing one. Even if an app is considered safe and secure, that could change in the future with any updates. Many applications use the Internet to load code and other resources, so changes can occur that could affect security, privacy, and cryptocurrencies, even if there are no updates. That means that the trust must come from the knowledge of the developer or some third party vouching for the application.


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endless is a crypto mining application that uses the graphics processor or CPU of a Windows computer to generate digital money for the user. The service supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin, as well as the new Cardano, Solano and Shibu Inu. The unMineable app is currently a beta version available through the company’s website and works on windows 10 and 11. The GPU version is called PhoenixMiner and the CPU version is called XMRIG. unMineable also makes an Android app which is available at google play store. CPU mining is generally not considered worthwhile as it only generates a few cents each day while using electricity, most of which still comes from power plants that generate fossil fuels.

Cryptocurrency mining on Android

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As potentially dangerous as cryptocurrency mining via a Windows computer could be, it’s even more grim when you install a mining app running on Android. The value of mining through a smartphone is very, very low compared to that of a computer and the only real value comes when using a “farm” of thousands of smartphones. Unscrupulous app developers could take advantage of from the crypto hype by creating apps that redirect some or all of the phone’s processing power to fund their own accounts.

unMineable appears to be reliable at the moment. Your Windows application has not been marked as a scam and there is an active Reddit community with over 6,000 members. The unMineable Android app does not mine itself. Instead, it keeps track of unminable mining operations, including hashrates, balances, and payouts. unMineable refers to its app as a beginner-friendly miner, so crypto professionals may want to choose something that has more configuration options. For now, unMineable seems to be a safe way to explore cryptocurrency mining on Windows with an Android application monitor.

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