What Is an Initial Game Offering (IGO)? 5 Popular Crypto Gaming Launchpads

More funds are usually needed to develop a blockchain game after it is launched. Developers can use what’s known as an initial game offering, which takes place on specialized platforms and allows prospective users to “invest” in the title and receive a small stake in return.

The process doesn’t just benefit game developers; it is also an investment opportunity. So what is an initial game offer and how does it work?

What is an initial game offer?

An initial game offering (IGO) is a process to raise capital for blockchain games. It gives gamers early access to games while helping developers raise more funds for the games project. In addition to the early access it grants, project participants often have access to game assets that are used to participate in the game.

What is an OIG Launchpad?

A pitch deck is a platform that helps investors discover and interact with (fundraising) projects in their early stages. An IGO launchpad is typically specific to early-stage blockchain gaming projects. Some launch pads focus only on games, while others may have games alongside other projects.

How does an initial game offer work?

An IGO is used to raise capital for blockchain games. This similar to an initial coin offering (ICO), with the main difference that an IGO focuses on games while an ICO is carried out for cryptocurrencies. These two processes help investors gain a foothold in a blockchain game as soon as it launches.

As a result of supporting the games in their development stages, IGO participants gain early access to in-game resources such as mystery boxes, weapons, characters, etc. These assets are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which are normally needed to access the game.

You can invest in a game at the lowest possible price by investing early on. However, investing at an early stage also carries some risks, as there is no guarantee that the project will be successful or even complete its full public launch.

Below is a list of the top five IGO platforms where you can access early blockchain gaming projects.

1. Binance NFT

Binance NFT allows you to invest in gaming assets and NFTs from different gaming projects. The platform’s unique subscription mechanism gives all users the same opportunities to participate in IGOs. Additionally, the system uses public and verifiable algorithmic selection to ensure fairness for all users.

To benefit from Binance NFT, you just have to log in to your Binance account, then open the Binance NFT tab. Then, from the Binance NFT home page, you can choose an IGO banner that represents an IGO you want to participate in. The participation process generally consists of four stages: preparation, subscription, calculation and distribution.

two. game launcher

Gamestarter’s all-inclusive ecosystem sets a new benchmark for independent game funding through its IGO launchpad and NFT-based marketplace. Furthermore, Gamestarter also dabbles in developing high-quality blockchain games.

The Ethereum-based GAME token powers the Gamestarter platform. When you have a GAME token, you can buy an NFT and other products anywhere on the platform. The platform also insures all IGOs ​​for 300,000 USDT, which covers a failed IGO launch or team misconduct.

3. Enjinstarter

The Enjinstarter game launch pad is focused on growing the Enjin ecosystem and metaverse. It allows creators to run campaigns to raise capital and build blockchain communities. The platform also supports projects in creating sustainable strategies and launching successful campaigns.

Enjinstarter has also built several projects, including the Pixelverse, an NFT metaverse for games; Project Define, a blockchain gaming platform where you can play to win; and Gaia Everworld, a fantasy game in which players explore lands and build kingdoms.

Four. GameFi

GameFi is a hub for blockchain games and metaverse projects. It is used to build digital communities and run virtual economies for the public to use. Its solutions cover the entire life cycle of the game project.

The platform has a ranking system: Legend, Pro, Elite, and Rookie, depending on the amount of your $FATF bet. The number of tokens allocated to each IGO pool is considered when determining individual allocations. GameFI members must reach at least Rookie rank and complete KYC to join IGO groups. However, this requirement is optional for those participating in community pools.

5. speed up

Aside from fundraising, Speedify also helps with marketing and community building for blockchain gaming projects. For example, you can invest in a game project with SFUND, the Speedify community token. The more you invest, the more weight you add to the pool. The reward system is a nine tier program, where the first tier token distribution uses a lottery system, while the other tiers guarantee a share.

You can buy SFUND on exchanges like Pancakeswap and Kucoin. To participate in your IGO, you must use the same wallet that you provided during the KYC process. If you use a centralized exchange, you must first transfer your tokens to other wallets like Metamask or Trustwallet to participate in their pitching platform activities.

How to Participate in an OIG Launchpad

The processes involved in participating in an OIG launch pad are not complicated. However, the precise steps vary for different IGO launch platforms.

Before you commit to an IGO, you should do your research. There are many fake intergovernmental organizations created to steal your hard-earned money, and crypto scams abound throughout the crypto space. Check the game project’s website and social media channels to see if they lay out a clear roadmap for its development. Checking to see if big-name investors or partners are involved in a project might also help.

Participating in an IGO involves identifying an IGO to invest in, connecting your wallet, purchasing the game or platform token, and then staking the amount you want. The amount you bet usually determines the group you belong to and your reward.

Remember, no investment can guarantee a return

As an investor, the main reason to buy an IGO is to be part of the project from the development stage. Although the process involves many risks, early investors can benefit from the project if it is successful. On the other hand, if things turn out differently than expected, there is a good chance that you will end up losing your money.

We understand that buying an IGO is risky, so we suggest you choose your project carefully, assess your risk tolerance level and seek guidance from a licensed financial advisor before investing in one.