Weirdly, crypto-currency is the real reason Christine Quinn left The O Group

After an intense season of selling sunset, Christine Quinn’s future in the Oppenheim group was left up in the air after she “ghosted” Jason and Mary when they arranged a meeting with the real estate agent to discuss the claim that she had offered one of Emma’s clients $5,000. so I wouldn’t work with her.

Fans were left confused and dying to know if Christine was still with the Oppenheim group and she recently opened up about her future with the company, and let’s just say it’s very interesting.

Despite still being listed as a real estate agent on the company’s website, somewhat awkwardly for The O Group, Christine took matters into her own hands and confirmed with Forbes that she has left real estate brokerage.

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The reason Christine left The O Group

Christine confirmed on April 22 that she had left The O Group for good and that the reason behind this is not what you would think.

During an interview with the business magazine, the real estate agent was discussing her new business with her husband whose name is RealOpen. It is set up to be a broker where people can buy and sell houses using cryptocurrencies.

This prompted Christine to speak out about why she left the brokerage, with the journalist reporting:

Part of his decision to leave The Oppenheim Group (the leading brokerage firm in sunset sale) is because the company was not progressive and did not believe in cryptocurrencies.


Quinn then went on to explain to herself that:

Many brokers are very cautious about accepting cryptocurrencies because they don’t understand its inner workings, that’s why it’s very difficult for brokers to make these transactions.

Cristina Quinn, Forbes

It sounds like Quinn is heading into his own business world, also recently tweeting, “Why work for someone else when you can be your own CEO?”

Christine has yet to address the $5,000 payment claim

The main question that is still on everyone’s mind is if he really tried to pay Emma’s client, but he has yet to formally address these claims, however, he denied it on the show to Jason and Mary through a text message.

Though he hasn’t said anything directly, he has said several times recently that the show’s stories were false, and tweeted that the new season contained “5,000 false stories.”

It looks like Christine is putting the Oppenheim drama behind her and becoming her own boss.

Christine did not show up at the meeting.

The meeting will be released on May 6th and we can’t wait, but it has been confirmed that Christine did not attend. It was filmed a week after the release of the first episode of the season and the reason for her absence, according to Entertainment Tonight, is apparently because she contracted Covid-19.

The source also said she was “too sick” to attend virtually, even though no announcements were made on her social media or anywhere about contracting the virus.

Many fans were and are convinced that having covid is a cover up that he just doesn’t want to go to the reunion.



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