VIPS Finstock Exchange native VIPS Token gets its way up with CoinGecko Listing

Pune, India, November 11, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, VIPS Token (VIPS) is pleased to inform the community about its successful listing on CoinGecko. CoinGecko is one of the leading cryptocurrency trackers in the space and has become one of the biggest milestones for the Indian cryptocurrency exchange.

VIPS Token is a BEP20 token launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a trusted blockchain, and is the native token of VIPS Finstock. Play a central role in conducting transactions on the platform and take advantage of the most attractive utilities. The project has a vision of bringing every citizen one step closer to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Their goal is to make them the main focus of each industry, expand the modes of exchange, and help strengthen the system.

Additionally, VIPS Finstock is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on making cryptocurrency available and easily accessible to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, regardless of age, gender, or financial group. They provide a more transparent and easy environment for anyone to start their crypto journey through their exchange platform. And at the center of all the features is its native token: VIPS. The most important feature of VIPS Token is the additional utilities designed exclusively for its community.

VIPS Finstock offers the following services:

  • A secure exchange platform,
  • An easy to understand user interface,
  • Immediate and responsive customer service,
  • Hassle-free facilitation of funds from bank account to digital asset wallet and most importantly,
  • Additional utilities to benefit from, along with well-deserved rewards for our early adopters and supporters.

The platform also recently launched its own NFT collection in collaboration with another up-and-coming name in the world of cryptocurrency and the metaverse, MetaWhale World. They also launched an IEO platform, VIPS Finstock Launchpad, where they intend to help newer projects build their platforms.

The project was launched by Mr. Vinod Khute and co-founded by Mr. Kiran Anarase. They have an enthusiastic team and a strong vision of promoting blockchain use cases and the benefits it can bring to the world. They have been constantly working to raise awareness of new and emerging technology. Under the vision and leadership of Mr. Khute, VIPS token has championed the need for crypto education and provides a trusted platform to buy, sell and hold crypto.

VIPS Token creates various utilities including airdrops, payment cards, loans, staking, and much more. The tokens are also used in campaigns that raise awareness across the country about blockchain and crypto, informing people about the right ways to adopt crypto for their daily lives and as investment options. With their campaigns, such as “Tour De India”, they invite people to join their mission and aim to bring crypto education to the forefront.

The VIPS token uses blockchain technology to add value to the lives of its consumers. The token is intended to be used by companies and public organizations that will exchange tokens for all their uses, from the most basic to the most complex.

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