Veteran Miami Event Producer Mike Owen Launches “The Room Club” NFT Collection

Mike Owen, the founder of The Room Club NFT

“As an experienced event curator, I’ve seen that I’m the ‘door key’ to connecting people in business,” says Owen. So creating my own community where everything I do collides at the intersections of new age innovation, live events and alternative investing has been really inspiring!”

Mike Owen, known in his industry as Alpha Connector, along with his founding team are delighted to announce the upcoming release of NFT “The Room Club”. By tokenizing membership in this exclusive club through The Room Club NFT sale, token holders become exclusive members of the club and gain tiered access to 80 events from April 2022 to April 2023 to share, support and build new projects together with another club. professionals Club events will be a mix of in-person, virtual reality and digital experiences.

The Room Club will launch on April 14, 2022, with an invitation-only VIP event for token holders and prospective members to enjoy an evening of cocktails, curated food prepared by celebrity chef Irie Spice, and featured artwork of the former NFL player turned artist. Brian Poly-Dixon. Guests include professional athletes, musicians, actors, politicians, industry leaders, investors and sponsors from across the country.

“I’m excited to be at the forefront as a creator in this new NFT space,” says Owen. ”As an experienced event curator, I have seen over my 22 years (of experience) that I am the ‘key to the door’ when it comes to connecting people in business. So creating my own community where everything I do collides at the intersections of new age innovation, live events, and alternative investing has been really inspiring not only for me, but for my team, our consumers. and our high hopes for our current and future business. in the Metaverse.”

As for The Room Club’s main NFT, its pre-launch will take place on April 15 and its official launch is scheduled for April 22, 2022. The team will place a select number of tokens into its collection over the course of a month. along with its matching events for April (included below).

More than a professional network, membership in The Room Club provides access, influence and education to its members by connecting founders, investors and other thought leaders at the forefront of the alternative investment space. Additionally, token holders will have the ability to discuss vetted projects, share ideas, and grow their businesses with the support of an elite community. Learn more by signing up to our whitelist at

Mike Owen is now available for interviews on “The Room Club” NFT. Contact Rhodman Enterprises at 404-423-4493 or 484-213 2608 | [email protected]


Known as the Alpha Connector, Mike Owen is known for creating opportunities for people to invest, get investments, improve their financial and other portfolios in various industries, all with a twist of fun. Therefore, he is bringing his 22 years of experience organizing events to the Crypto Space to bring investors and founders together to create new streams of business and wealth in the Metaverse.


The Room Club NFT (The Premier Alternative Investment NFT Club) is an alternative investment club that provides access, networking and influence to investors and VCs with capital in the alternative investment space.


  • April 13 The Room Club LinkedIn Live event about NFT
  • April 14 The Room Club launch party at a private location
  • April 15 The Room Club NFT Pre-Launch
  • April 21 The Room Club Social at Salt 7 Las Olas
  • April 22 Launch of The Room Club NFT
  • April 26 The Room Club Investor Luncheon
  • April 27 The Room Club Real Estate Launch Party


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