NEW YORK, NY, November 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — UNS DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES, a private company registered in India and Singapore, is proud to announce the launch of its UNS token, which will help users earn passive income from agriculture, education, energy and health sectors.

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UNS Token, a multi-sector utility BEP20 token that allows connecting real-life utilities to the digital world, focuses on building partnerships with various organizations specifically in essential sectors:

  • Farming through hydroponic farming
  • Education through Online and Offline Coaching
  • Energies through Solar Energy
  • Health through the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Crypto via Crypto Exchange

Early investors may have the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale of $UNS tokens before listing on crypto exchanges.

The $UNS token is based on the Binance Blockchain and therefore. It is a BEP20 UNS token, a multi-sector utility BEP20 token that allows real life utilities to be connected to the digital world. Strong organic demand is expected for UNS TOKEN as it will act as the backbone of UNS Exchange on the one hand, and will also have its projects all over the world in the 4 service sectors so necessary for humanity.

UNS features

  • By buying directly from farmers and connecting farmers directly with small and large scale buyers, hydroponic gardening can help grow these exotic vegetables while maintaining crop quality.
  • UNS is focused on improving the next generation with great potential to grow, learn and experiment. More attention is paid to enabling each child to have a unique understanding of the science behind wealth creation, and the curriculum is framed by professionals with PhDs in the contemporary discipline of wealth creation.
  • First, they will establish the UNS Energy Fund. The idea is to unite producers and consumers of electricity and allow them to trade electricity through the Pool. After a successful registration, everyone can join the Pool. But to trade electricity, you would need to obtain UNS. UNS will be issued in the sale of UNS tokens as a software and energy license to use the Energy Pool.
  • UNS with its extensive network is in the process of finding such Experts and Specialists. Once found, they would be allowed with the required freedom, with the right kind of systems in place, to innovatively manufacture/supply in such a way that the aforementioned drugs are available to the general public at a lower or affordable price.
  • UNS is focused on launching P2P Trading service and Spot Trading Platform for users around the world. They will bring P2P to more developing and underdeveloped countries by targeting the currencies of the top 15 countries and giving them a simple fiat access solution they deserve.


  • ICO price of the token: 0.03 USD
  • Max Supply: 1 Billion
  • UNS Token Listing on Pancake Swap and UniSwap – Q1 2023

The list of UNS tokens will start with PANCAKESWAP, followed by UNISWAP. It will then be available on centralized exchanges including UNS Exchange and phase 3 onwards as per the roadmap.

UNS tokens follow a linear acquisition pattern in which tokens issued during the pre-sale are locked up for a 2-year period, but initial issuance begins in the 9th month. Initial investors also get a token 100% reward based on their initial investment.

The ICO acquisition period is from January 6, 2023 to October 5, 2023.

So, ICO tokens will launch at 12.5% ​​per month starting on October 6, 2023.

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