Trump NFTs Make Resurgence As Daily Sales Spike Over 800% In 24 Hours ⋆ ZyCrypto



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  • Trump’s NFT rises from the dead, with massive volumes skyrocketing over 800%.
  • The increase in trading volumes resulted in an increase in the price of collectible cards, with prices up almost 100%.
  • Experts point to the news of the reinstatement of the former president on Twitter and Facebook as factors responsible for the increase.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which depict former US President Donald Trump as a superhero and a cowboy, have had a bumpy ride in the market since their launch on December 15.

After several weeks of poor operations and falling prices, Trump’s digital business cards are now picking up. Daily NFT sales are now up 800% after volumes surged from $34,000 to over $306,000 last week.

Cryptoslam data also shows rising numbers, with an additional $241,000 worth of sales in 20 hours. As the total number of NFTs traded continues to increase, the price is also making a big jump in the same period.

CryptoSlam recorded 115 Trump NFT transactions yesterday at an average price of $296 in Ethereum (ETH) compared to 704 NFT transactions in just under 24 hours at an average price of $490.

Triumph thrown out his NFT collection of 45,000 digital trading cards minted in Polygon on December 15. The cards, which depicted him as an astronaut, a superhero and a cowboy, were valued at $99 on first release, and each came with special perks like meetings and dinner with the former president.


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Despite criticism from various quarters, the collectible cards sold out within days before prices plummeted and volumes were low. Former US Commander-in-Chief fixed who launched the NFTs because “They looked super cute.” and he loves digital art.

Trump’s return to Twitter and Facebook

While the reasons for Trump’s NFT resurgence may not be concrete, many experts have pointed to news of his possible return to social media giants Facebook and Twitter as key factors. NBC News reported that the former president’s team had asked Facebook to reinstate his account after it reviewed new documents.

Trump’s Twitter ban was recently reversed after a poll by new CEO Elon Musk, though the former president has yet to return to the platform. A comeback on major social networks like Twitter and Facebook will be huge for Trump trading card holders.

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