TRON DAO Joins hands with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

As the year 2022 draws to a close, new and new collaborations are taking place in the world of cryptocurrencies to improve the future of cryptocurrencies and web 3.0. The partnership of TRON DAO and Enterprise Ethereal Alliance is the latest addition to the list. The announcement was made in a statement published on December 27.

The founder of TRON DAO, Justin Sun, sees this collaboration as a step in the right direction in the world of cryptocurrencies. According to, block chain it can revolutionize the way of life in an unprecedented way, and for that to happen, people and different institutions must work together. He sees the TRON DAO and EEA collaboration as a fresh start for the healthy future of blockchain.


The collaboration aims to promote the business and adoption of Ethereum in the cryptocurrency industry. EEA is one of the major commercial adopters of the Ethereum ecosystem. And with the partnership, TRON DAO is advancing Web 3.0 by developing innovative and practical solutions for developers and consumers.

What will be the potential effect of this collaboration on the general market? To know this, you need to know about EEA and TRON DAO separately.

Ethereum Business Alliance

EEA helps different organizations to run their business operations through the use of Ethereum technology and its adoption. Additionally, this venture enables the Ethereum ecosystem to create new business opportunities, promote industry adoption, and communicate and work together.

Not only this, but the EEA helps its members learn and collaborate with high-quality experts within the Ethereum community. In addition, it will help you to have a great knowledge about cryptocurrencies in general and the Ethereum ecosystem in particular.

According to the official EEA website, the community encourages members from all walks of life. All legitimate organizations, for-profit businesses, non-profit groups, and trade associations with related goals are welcome to join the EEA community. It’s all open.


It is one of the leading service providers in Web 3.0, founded by Justin Sun in 2017. Its mainnet was launched a year later, in 2018. Today it has more than 100 million monthly active users. And its total users will have surpassed 130 million by 2022. The total transaction of the site is $4.4B while more than $9 is locked on the blockchain site. These statistics are shared by the official TRONSCAN.

Additionally, TRON has seven native tokens, including RX, BTT, NFTs, JST, USDD, USDT and TUSD, all of which are now digital currencies and authorized means of exchange in the Commonwealth of Dominica. In October this year, the country officially partnered with TRON to develop a national blockchain infrastructure.

The goal of TRON is to build an infrastructure to support different fields of blockchain such as defi, NFTs and GameFi. A week ago, the total number of TRON accounts exceeded 131 million, which is a major achievement for the ecosystem. It has become one of the fastest developing ecosystems.

final thoughts

Both ecosystems play important roles in advancing Web 3.0, and with their collaboration, the ecosystem will develop faster than ever. As a member of the EEA, TRON DAO will work with the organization and its members to accelerate the acceptance and progress of Ethereum in business. TRON DAO is advancing the adoption of Web 3.0 on a global scale by developing innovative and practical solutions for developers and consumers.