To Understand NFTs, ‘Separate Hype From the Tech,’ Says Consensys Manager of Product


Office with a view: “Any innovation that happens in the entertainment space has an immediate global presence,” Nayana Singh told TheWrap.

Nayana Singh, General Product Manager at ConsenSys, knows that the number of NFT skeptics has increased, though she encourages skeptics to “separate the hype from the technology.”

“There are two things going on: One is the negativity surrounding so many crashes and what we tend to do is tar everything with the same brush,” Singh, who first entered the industry as an early product manager at Microsoft Blockchain focused. services, he told TheWrap for this week Office with a View. “The price of the underlying crypto might have fallen, but that doesn’t mean the business use cases, the NFTs they support, the collectibles themselves are now any different or less in any way.”

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