Three Essential Cryptocurrencies For Buyers In The Ongoing Bear Market – XRP, Cardano and Big Eyes Coin

There has never been a bear market like this in the history of cryptocurrencies. Lasting for more than five months, it is the longest bear market in cryptocurrency history, and by far the most brutal. When it inevitably comes to an end, it will surely be remembered for countless events, such as Bitcoin’s numerous dips past its $20,000 physiological support mark and Ethereum’s plunge past $1000. Until then, industry insiders of cryptocurrencies must do everything possible to ensure the security and continuity of their businesses in this harsh climate.

One way they can do this is to prioritize investing in cryptocurrency for the long term, as it is an ideal strategy in the current climate that can generate the maximum return on investment (ROI). This article highlights three cryptocurrencies that fit this bill and are a must for all investors in today’s climate. Here is everything you need to know about XRP (XRP), Cardano (ADA) and Big Eyed Coin (BIG).

XRP: the permissionless network

XRP (XRP) is best described as an open source, permissionless, and decentralized technology with several benefits, including low cost ($0.0002 to make transactions), fast (transaction settlement in 3-5 seconds), impressive scalability (1,500 transactions per second) and inherently green attributes (carbon neutral and energy efficient). Within the cryptocurrency industry, XRP stands out for featuring the first decentralized exchange (DEX) and custom tokenization capabilities built into the protocol.

It is also notable for featuring a wide variety of payment-related applications and use cases, including micropayments, decentralized finance (De-Fi), and soon NFTs. It is a platform regularly used by developers to create solutions that address inefficiencies, including remittances and asset tokenization. Its native cryptocurrency, XRP, is central to all operations within its ecosystems, such as network governance, user interaction, and payment fees. XRP is an industry leading cryptocurrency with shares on prominent crypto platforms within the industry.

Cardano: the blockchain for innovators

Cardano (ADA) is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform within the cryptocurrency industry that stands out for several innovations such as providing the right structures to enable change makers, innovators and visionaries to create positive global change. A proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain in its own right, Cardano is a platform that seeks to redistribute power from unaccountable structures to the margins of the people. It is hoped that by operating in this way, the platform will help create a safer, more transparent and fair society.

Its native cryptocurrency, ADA, plays an integral role within its ecosystem by incentivizing it and facilitating various crypto operations. ADA is an industry giant with shares in several prominent crypto platforms within the industry.

Big Eyes Coin: Crypto’s Biggest Feline

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is an upcoming Ethereum (ETH)-based crypto asset native to the Big Eyes Coin crypto project that has generated a lot of interest within the cryptocurrency industry. The reason for this is the motivation of the project to champion the cause of blockchain adoption within the global community and demystify decentralized finance (De-Fi).

Its native cryptocurrency, BIG, is essential to this and plays an integral role in its ecosystem, facilitating crypto activities such as network governance and user interaction. Big Eyes Coin is currently in pre-sale and is dominating crypto news headlines after raising over $9 million. As the bear market progresses, the token is looking more and more attractive and could be a good addition to the portfolio that produces massive returns.


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