This Metaverse Crypto Might 10x In 2023

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New metaverse and play-to-earn project calvaria has investors and players excited as it nears the all-time high of $2.5 million in funding.

The target will be reached in the next few days, with the presale expected to close very soon and the $3.075 million hard cap target very close.

The price of the game is expected to skyrocket once it is listed on trades, having increased in price by 225% over the course of the pre-sale.

RIA tokens are still on sale for $0.0325 each, but investors must hurry to secure the remaining pre-sale allocation, with less than 20 million available. As CryptoNews reported last week, a whale spent almost $100,000 before the deadline, bagging over 3 million tokens.

The flagship game, Duels of Eternity, is expected to be one of the best play to win games of 2023 given its simple mechanics and addictive gameplay.

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Calvaria at 10x after listing?

Calvaria has already achieved 2.25x from its initial pre-sale price of $0.01, so to reach 10x, the RIA token would have to reach a price above $0.10.

That seems possible for a number of reasons, not just the interest and hype around the project, but also its token economy, which is likely to lead to a post-listing supply shock.

calvaria 2 435m

Calvaria’s whitepaper reveals that the maximum supply is less than 1 billion, around half of the leading Web3 games Decentraland and The Sandbox, with just 15% of those available during pre-sale.

With only another 4% set aside for exchanges, and the vast majority reserved for the prize pool and betting pool, new investors might find it difficult to secure the tokens after the Calvaria IEO.

While GameFi projects have suffered heavy losses in the 2022 crypto bear market, a new report from leading FinTech and payment processor Zebedee reveals that play-to-win games remain extremely attractive to players and their decline has been exaggerated.

In a survey of more than 1,000 US gamers, the results found that 67% would be more likely to play free games if they had the chance to win cryptocurrency as a reward.

It also found that 45% of those surveyed believed that trading NFT assets would be beneficial, compared to 23% who said no and 32% who had no opinion, and only 10% had a negative opinion of the integration of Web3 technology in games. .

Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE, said:

“What stood out to us the most from the survey results was that there is clearly a misperception about players and their resistance to crypto integration, with most players actually having a positive or neutral opinion about rewards. cryptographic in games.

“Furthermore, despite most of the industry attention being focused on NFTs, we found that Bitcoin stands out as the most popular decentralized asset among gamers compared to other cryptocurrencies, including NFTs.”

One of Calvaria’s main USPs is its drive to attract traditional and casual gamers to the blockchain, finding that they may have been put off in the past due to the large initial outlay required in some games and a lack of knowledge about blockchain technology. the block chain.

Calvaria will solve it by creating two versions of Duels of Eternity: one P2E and one totally free (F2P).

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P2E and F2P Eternity Duel Modes

Duels of Eternity is a card battle strategy game where players stack their decks and use their skills, knowledge, and other assets to win one-on-one battles for rewards.

However, while there are other similar games in the crypto space, such as Splinterlands and Gods Unchained, Duels of Eternity has a number of quirks that set it apart from those games.

calvaria rivals

Calvaria has developed a completely free version of Duels of Eternity that requires no purchases or blockchain knowledge. Players can enjoy what is essentially the same game without any outlay; the only difference is that they do not own their NFT assets in full and will not earn RIA rewards for winning matches and tournaments.

However, to attract F2P players to the P2E version, Calvaria will include a visible tracker that shows them how much they could have earned, while there will be gamified missions to teach non-blockchain players about the technology in exchange for rewards.

Calvaria also has other features its rivals don’t, including fully 3D characters, a story mode that builds on universe lore and rewards players with assets that can be used in other modes, and a mobile game app available at iOS and Android.

The developers, who are doxxed and KYC verified, will also be taking a seasonal approach to the game to keep players coming back for years to come, with new game modes, assets, and seasonal competitions all on the roadmap.

calvaria overview

A virtual reality feature will take Calvaria into the metaverse, while an internal eSports team will be developed and tournaments will be organized for major prizes.

Duels of Eternity will also benefit from being built on top of the super-fast and efficient Polygon Layer 2 solution, which will speed up gameplay and pay out rewards.

read through Calvaria white paper or join the telegram group for more information and the latest news.

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RIA Token Presale Information

Investors do not have much time to buy RIA tokens before the pre-sale ends and the project hits exchanges, with only 20 million still available.

As previously stated, only 15% has been allocated to pre-sale and another 4% to exchanges.

calvaria 100k giveaway

Most of the token allocation is reserved for the DAO/stakes pool (25%) and prize pool (20%), with another 15% reserved for the reserve/burn pool: operations (8%) , INO (6%). ), and the team and advisors (7%) make up the remaining staff.

Interested parties should read our complete guide on how to buy RIA tokens during presale.

Investors can enter the $100,000 RIA token giveaway, where three winners will share a prize with multiple entries earned by completing tasks on social media.

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