The Rarest NFTs From the Best-Selling PFP Collections


Between best selling NFT collections Out there, some pieces have great potential to become unique assets that define the myths of each collection. But these don’t always sell for the highest price on the open market. Sometimes, they possess one of the most sought after qualities in the entire NFT space: rarity.

In the case of NFT Generative PFPs, the rarest pieces are generated randomly. How? They possess the rarest combination of traits found in every collection. if you ever wondered what those pieces may be within the top NFT collections currently available on the market, then look no further. With the help of rarity.toolsone of the most trusted utilities for quick find the rarest NFTs in any given collection, we’ve completed a quick list to save you the hassle of opening thousands of tabs in your browser.

At first glance, this may seem like the perfect cryptopunk to represent the average Berlin nightclub enthusiast. But it’s much more than that. With a mind-blowing rarity score of 10342.68, this is undoubtedly the rarest CryptoPunk of all. Its rarity is not due to any individual rare trait it possesses. It’s the fact that he has seven traits, and he’s the only CryptoPunk out of 10,000 to have them. Other than that, he is also one of the 78 buck-toothed and 115 top-hatted CryptoPunks.

This particular boring monkey has a rarity score of 333.86 due in large part to several highly coveted traits found in the piece. These are largely powered by the dagger in their mouth, of which only 48 other Bored Apes possess. Combined with his cyborg eye and cross earring, you have a truly one-of-a-kind boring jumpsuit ready to build a franchise around.

Despite belonging to the most common CloneX species, a normal old human, what makes CloneX #4941 such a rare NFT is what he’s wearing. It doesn’t have one, but two Signature Traits: A skull helmet and a red-on-black varsity jacket. With those two traits, this particular CloneX NFT definitely stands out among a collection of 20,000, making its rarity score of 4537.75 Well earned

Despite the general ostentation of Azuki NFT and its emphasis on fusing street fashion with anime aesthetics, the rarest of them all Azuki NFT is a surprisingly pure representation of an enduring archetype in Japanese culture: a Shinto monk. He is one of eight bald Azukis in the 10,000-piece collection and the only one with five features in all. Still, that gives it a rarity score of 11096.50.

Perhaps one of the biggest NFT collections to be released in 2022, moon birds largely caught up in the community thanks to its cute aesthetic and broad appeal. Soaring higher among this flock of 10,000 digital owls, though, feels more like classic creepypasta than anything else. Moonbird #668 is one of six glitched NFT Moonbirds in the entire set, and along with being one of only four Moonbirds to possess the Legendary Guardian feather trait, gives it a rarity score of 6578.47.

What makes gold such a valuable commodity? For the most part, it is a scarce and difficult-to-collect resource with a wide degree of practical application. So imagine how rare a gold is. alien of all things it would be if it existed. Well, it does, in a sense. at least within the NFT doodle collection. Enter doodle #2912. it’s just decorated in gold, and is the only Doodle out of 10,000 to be a head-to-toe gold alien, and the only one to sport a gold-flecked background. This complete set of exclusive traits gives you a rarity score of 14546.06.

Throughout 2022, gods enjoyed a redemption arc the likes of which has rarely been seen in the nascent NFT space. Now we even know what its founder Frank It seems. But what about the rarest DeGod of all? That would be DeGod #2885. He is one of 53 DeGods in the 10,000-piece collection with four features, and one of 25 to sport the iconic snake for Medusa’s hair. Thanks to those factors, it enjoys a rarity score of 473.14 on top of the pile