The newly launched Bulgarian project, MIMI Coin, is the

Tallinn, Estonia, October 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The newly launched Bulgarian project MIMI Currency it is the legitimate and trusted payment method in the modern crypto era and a profitable token to date. MIMI Coin uses a decentralized peer-to-peer network that aims to provide easy and fast crypto low-cost transactions around the world. The network specifically focuses on the speed of the transaction, which will be completed in a fraction of a second. The cost of transactions will cost less than 1% USDT.

Also, give the opportunity to choose an option to complete transactions completely anonymously. The Bulgarian project works internationally and its developers are in Bulgari, the United States, England and Estonia.

There are essential characteristics that make MIMI Currency unique than others discussed here:

A decentralized network – MIMI Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency-based network that intends to create next-generation tools that fuel the digital ecosystem that represents what is to come.

Crypto Experience – The network provides the quality crypto experience possible by considering its customers as the highest priority, especially low transaction customers.

Consistent customer experience – MIMI Coin is carefully built around the customer, making the customer experience as consistent and intuitive as possible.

safe method – Safety is the first concern of every individual. The network ensures that its customers provide complete security for their personal data.

Benefits and discounts – MIMI Coin allows users to obtain extraordinary advantages and discounts within the network ecosystem. Support low transaction customers and secure profitable discounts.

Seriousness and honesty – The decentralized network supports its clients with maximum trust and reliability during transactions in newly launched projects.

Apart from that, the MIMI Coin network team is also creating a game that will be inside the Metaverse, which is used by MIMI Coin as the basic currency of this project that will be completed in the middle of the year 2023. Therefore, the project is confidential between the MIMI Coin team, and more information will be provided soon.

In addition, the MIMI Coin network’s own blockchain, Mian Protocol, is undergoing the last stage of testing. In November, it will be fully completed and users will be able to use it and personally make sure that the Blockchain Protocol is better than other Blockchains. The MIMI Coin network will also be listed in the top 100 exchanges.

Their OEI the link is happening on the P2B exchange. MIMI Coin IEO starts at P2PB2B exchange on Saturday, October 15, 2022.

The first week will go to 0.08 USDT.

The second week will be held at 0.15 USDT.

The third week will cost 0.25 USDT.

IEO will last for 3 weeks.

MIMI Coin quote starts at 0.83 USDT, but don’t rush to sell as the price will reach 3.5 USDT or may be higher.

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