The Lovechain announces IEO on BitMart Exchange and the

Sydney, Australia, August 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lovechain is developed by a team with diverse and complementary skill sets who have come together with a shared vision to build a tokenized social media platform that enables users to trade their use and create an immutable record of their content and the things they love. Lovechain recently announced the launch of its Beta version of the app and its IEO (a type of pre-sale) and listing on the Bitmart Exchange.

The Lovechain ecosystem includes The Lovechain’s revolutionary platform, NFT marketplace, e-commerce marketplace, integrated third-party apps, digital content creators, and a rewards system.

the chain of love is a tokenized social media platform built on the Algorand blockchain. Users of The Lovechain platform can establish a permanent record on the blockchain of what they love; people, animals, art, music, hobbies and other significant elements. There is increasing pressure against the way that today’s social media platforms handle the privacy and personal information of their users. Lovechain is changing the way users’ personal data and information is handled, putting privacy at the forefront. Lovechain users can choose to share their data or not, and if they choose to do so, they will be rewarded with $LOVR tokens that can be redeemed for a variety of benefits. Users can adjust their privacy preferences at any time, gaining full control of their data and personal information.

Some of the key features of this unique social media platform are:

– Video, text and image capabilities

– Upload content to Algorand Blockchain

– Creation of NFTs

– NFT market

– Ecommerce marketplace platform

-Integrated digital wallet

-Ability for users to market and be rewarded for their use across the platform

– Earn and be rewarded with a $LOVR token – Send notifications via integrated social media platforms

Also, compared to traditional social media platforms, The Lovechain offers some key advantages:

– Users of The Lovechain platform will own their own data and will have control over sharing permissions

– Content creators will earn profit from content creation through their unique $LOVR tokens, which will be listed in an exchange over time.

– With The Lovechain built on the blockchain, there will be more privacy and security.

– Real people with real profiles supported by the latest technology, so a user can only access their account through liveness technology.

the chain of love the native token is called $LOV. The $LOV token will be traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as BitMart and will serve as a token that will, over time, allow holders to vote and make recommendations that could influence the development of the platform.

$LOVR is a chain reward token that is only available to platform users who contribute by creating and sharing content. The goal of the token is to provide users with discounts and other benefits from trading partners and gradually increase the intrinsic value as it will appear on exchanges over time.

“Being powered by the latest blockchain technology brings advantages in uniqueness and security not found on traditional social media platforms. As the Algorand Blockchain is decentralized, this piece of content can live forever. That’s why The Lovechain is forever.We envision a community of empowered users with the ability to control the visibility and transparency of their data.Lovechain social media platform provides the very control mechanism to each user so that their data is not used without their knowledge, while giving the user tools and power to market their use through the platform.” said Adam Mazzaferro, founder of The Lovechain.

Using The LoveChain, users will be able to capitalize on their creativity and support their favorite artists. They can also share their interests, passions, and innovative ideas with the community and connect with real-world businesses that align with the individual’s vision and provide products and services they’ll love.

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About the chain of love

LoveChain is a tokenized social media platform founded by Omar Diab and Adam Mazzaferro. The company is located in Sydney, Australia. Currently, your app is in the beta testing stage. Recently, they announced their upcoming IEO and listing on the BitMart Exchange.

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