The First Global Metaverse+NFT+Decentralized Pan Entertainment Game Platform



Posted on January 30, 2023

Ready Player One, jointly created by several internationally renowned institutions such as Golden Collar USVenture Capital Inc, is a digital green platform for gaming based on blockchain technology, a comprehensive green platform that integrates game distribution, DAO autonomy, asset trading NFT and financial services, and has a number of independently designed popular NFT games. The Ready Player One deepens the game industry, with a mission to reshape the value of the game industry, its goal is to establish a multi-platform, decentralized, global, high-liquidity, asset-value unified collateral entertainment ecosystem , enable the global value of the game and benefit each player. The “Ready Player One” platform digital assets are STO-ized and can be decided by shares with vote-limited race NFTs, platform and token NFT races and listed company share value. The Ready Player One platform provides the full suite of metaverse hardware and software facilities, including gaming equipment, game software development, pre-landing in over 300 metaverse VR competition arenas across the globe. world. Ready Player One is the world’s first pan decentralized + NFT + metaverse entertainment gaming platform. Ready Player One, win now, win tomorrow.

Ready Player One allows players to take the initiative and rebuild the relationship between developers and players. Our concept is to provide data, information and players. Through the token economy, users can not only diversify their income through gameplay, but also participate in voting and dividends for positive developer-user interaction. Users are not just users, but also creators and maintainers, which is open data created by players. Ready Player One’s goal is a multidimensional space in the metaverse: immersive web experience, creator economy, user participation economy, decentralized government, human-computer interaction, social relationships, diverse civilizations, and sustainable economic systems.

In the trend of Web 3.0, Ready Player One is considered more suitable for users, which will ensure data security and return rights to creators and users. The use of NFTs also shows that creators can also have pricing power. And the programmable economy will also benefit users. By creating ways for users and content creators to own not only the content they create, but also the equity, a more equal distribution of value will be achieved.

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