The ABCs of Blockchain and Web3

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cathi wood is possibly the best known advocate of innovative and disruptive technology. The blockchain and Web3 as technology they embody these qualities in abundance.

In an April statement, he stated ARK Invest’s prediction for the future of Blockchain development and application. He compiled 3 main segments:

A – The money revolution – Bitcoin.

B – Financial revolution – DeFi – Ethereum and Logarithmic Finance.

C – The Internet revolution – Web3 – The center of the cosmos.

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Bitcoin needs no introduction. A global decentralized peer-to-peer database for value transfers.

Satoshi Nakamoto (creator pseudonym) created the perfect asset to exchange money forever, under the most perfect circumstances. Using a pseudonym to implement the first blockchain and cryptocurrency meant there was a clear intention from the creator not to give Bitcoin an identity. This fuels the decentralized revolution that BTC then he went on to breeding.

The pseudonym underlines the concept that BTC as currency it is for everyone and could have been created by anyone. These two points are fundamental to the definition of Bitcoin and, as jack dorsey (founder of Twitter and Square) says, makes Bitcoin tangible.

No more than 21 million Bitcoin will ever be in circulation. Also, the mining process and the algorithms to solve become increasingly difficult to meet the more BTC is mined.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet is advertised to have approximately 1 million BTC within too, which has not moved since the conception and founding of Bitcoin.

Best represented by Ethereum, the decentralized finance revolution began when Ethereum implemented smart contracts to enable decentralized transactions on a distributed ledger – a blockchain.

This sparked the DeFi revolution. Logarithmic Finance (LOG) it is the most recent and innovative DeFi protocol to emerge. Solving some main problems with the adoption of blockchain, such as the scalability and volatility of gas tariffs, LOG IN It serves as a provider of cross-chain liquidity, leveraging some of the most powerful DeFi blockchains like Ethereum, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain.

logarithmic finance The multi-chain feature solves the biggest problem Ethereum has faced since its inception in 2015.

cathi wood makes it clear that TradFi (traditional finance) has no problem with interoperability because it is centralized. A truly interoperable decentralized financial system has been elusive and logarithmic finance aims to solve this problem through its layer 3 solutions.


cathi wood The third prediction for the future of blockchain technology is a network of decentralized applications (dApps) outside of traditional media and centralized blue chip companies: Web3.

The Cosmos Center (ATOM) is the pioneer in blockchain interoperability that enables the easy creation of dApps and blockchains using its Tendermint SDK technology.

ATOM it was the base technology behind the Terra Luna blockchain and DeFi ecosystem, but it expects dApps of all kinds to be programmable through its blockchain. The essence of Cathie Wood’s prediction here is that the future of the Internet will be owned and controlled by users. Users should not be subject to the wishes and motivations of centralized agencies.

This was the intention of Satoshi Nakamoto in the first blockchain database, Bitcoin. Decentralized communications between peers. Through the development of blockchain and DeFi, obvious investment opportunities have arisen. Cathie Wood has taken advantage of many of these opportunities and has achieved success.

logarithmic finance presents one of those opportunities and is still only in its presale. Connecting the world of DeFi together with Web3, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.

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