Sports & Entertainment Spotlight: Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing Toast to an F1 Sponsorship Deal, Because Nothing Goes Together Better Than Tennessee Whiskey and Driving at 200 Miles Per Hour | Foster Garvey PC

Welcome back to “Spotlight!” One of the many peculiarities of the English language is the phrase “family business.” The phrase can refer to a business that is owned and/or operated by multiple family members. It can also refer to private matters that are usually discussed between family members. More recently, in the world of sports, “family” and “business” seem to have collided. A few weeks ago, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s brand management firm, Authentic Brands Group, objected to a trademark application filed by his son, Shaqir O’Neal’s representatives on the grounds that a trademark for Shaqir O’Neal could lead to confusion with the elder O’Neal’s trademark for “Shaquille O’Neal”. This, of course, fits with Shaquille’s defense of a work ethic for his children: “we’re not rich, I’m rich.” For celebrity parents, if it wasn’t difficult enough to agree with the couple on a son or daughter’s name, it seems like it would be wise to involve a trademark attorney in those discussions as well. Not to be outdone, after encountering difficulties obtaining a trademark registration for his name, NBA star Luka Doncic finds himself embroiled in a dispute with his mother over his continued ownership of the trademark registration LUKA DONCIC7 (which was cited by the United States Patent and Patent Office). Trademark Office as grounds for denying his registration). The problem is that the trademark, LUKA DONCIC7, was previously obtained with Doncic’s consent. Doncic seeks to revoke that consent and argue that the registration should be canceled for both those reasons and the lack of use. Looking into my crystal ball, the most likely winners of these sagas will be lawyers… and therapists. I guess that’s life when your family business is aired on “Spotlight.”

  • Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing toast to an F1 sponsorship deal, because nothing mixes better than Tennessee whiskey and driving at 200 miles per hour.
  • Major League Soccer club Real Salt Lake City signs a stadium naming rights deal with America First Credit Union, renaming the Utah stadium, “America First Field” for a sum of around $100 million. With that money, the Club will be able to build a wall around the edges of the field.
  • With an NFT-backed music trademark application, Sony Music Entertainment appears ready to break away from the rest and find new ways to separate consumers from their money with a turn to Web3 and the Metaverse.

Sponsorship agreements, sponsorships and investments

Open for business: Betts finds a niche in NIL Landscape
September 13, 2022 via The Park Cities People
The former Dallas Episcopal School wide receiver deftly balances college football with endorsements.

Jack Daniels enters the F1 market with McLaren
September 13, 2022 via Sport Business (subscription may be required)
McLaren has signed whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s as a sponsor of its Formula 1 team. The multi-year deal will start from the start of the 2023 Formula 1 season.

LIFEAID Beverage Co.® and FITAID Energy™ beverage line secures significant investment from professional soccer talent
September 8, 2022 via PR Newswire
Acclaimed professional football player Budda Baker, a 2x All-Pro safety for the Arizona Cardinals, has become a shareholder in LIFEAID Beverage Co., investing a significant but undisclosed amount in connection with the launch of FITAID Energy.

Musicians Joan Jett and Sia invest $17.5 million in Boulder Pet Food Company
September 8, 2022 via Yahoo! News
Bond Pet Foods Inc., a Boulder-based pet food startup that contains proteins made through a fermentation process instead of meat, closed a $17.5 million Series A fundraising round. , which included investment from musicians Joan Jett and Sia Isabelle Furler.

Shaquille O’Neal’s trademark management prevents Son Shaqir from applying for a trademark
July 30, 2022 via Black Enterprise
NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s Authentic Trademarks Group has prevented his youngest son, Shaqir, from registering his own name and likeness.


Luka Doncic involved in an unusual trademark dispute with his mother
September 13, 2022 via Yahoo! News
Luka Dončić wants to control his name under trademark law, but someone he knows well stands in his way: his mother.

Real Salt Lake signs near $100 million naming rights deal, among the best in MLS
September 10, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
MLS club Real Salt Lake has signed a 15-year stadium naming rights deal with one of its original corporate partners, America First Credit Union.

NFL and Snapchat Introduce Augmented Reality Features This Season
September 8, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
The NFL app will add a Snap-powered augmented reality camera this season as AR technology becomes a bigger part of sports fan experiences.

music business

BMI announces record revenue and royalty distributions
September 13, 2022 via PR Newswire
BMI reported record income and royalty distributions for its fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.

Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group face patent infringement lawsuits over high-resolution audio deals
September 9, 2022 via Digital Music News
Universal Music Group (UMG) and Warner Music Group (WMG) are officially facing patent infringement lawsuits from an entity called Blue Spike, which claims the defendants violated their IP “by performing the MQA [Master Quality Authenticated] encoding process” to bring high-resolution audio to fans.

Sony, Chris Brown Escape Composer’s ‘No Guidance’ IP Lawsuit
September 9, 2022 via Law360 (subscription may be required)
Sony Music and artist Chris Brown have been dropped from a songwriter’s copyright lawsuit in Florida federal court over lyrics to the hit song “No Guidance” after reaching an undisclosed stipulation, ending to the case.

film and television

Report: LIV Golf rejected by Tech Giant for being ‘too toxic’
September 14, 2022 via Larry Brown Sports
LIV Golf is looking for a broadcast partner in the United States, and at least one tech giant has reportedly turned down the opportunity to work with the Saudi-backed golf league.

Lions Gate, Bell Media Team in TV development deal
September 13, 2022 via Seeking Alpha (subscription may be required)
Lionsgate and Bell Media have partnered for a joint development agreement to produce comedy and drama television series for the global market, the two companies announced on the opening day of Content Canada.

LeBron Charged with Unsportsmanlike Conduct in Hockey Movie Lawsuit
September 12, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Did LeBron James illegally interfere with a deal to adapt a book about hockey players into a movie? That depends in part on whether a “documentary” counts as a “film” or “other audiovisual adaptation.”

Amazon breaks the last bastion of television with a $13 billion bet on the NFL
September 9, 2022 via Bloomberg (subscription may be required)
When the regular season of the National Football League begins, millions of fans will curl up in their comfortable armchairs to watch America’s biggest and richest sport. But a week later a different, multi-million dollar coincidence will unfold.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

How NFTs drive the future of the music industry
September 9, 2022 via Crypto Reporter
To be sure, NFTs have the potential to cause a major upheaval in a variety of sectors.

Tom Brady NFT Experience will be an ‘unprecedented fan journey’: Autograph CEO
September 9, 2022 via Yahoo! News
Autograph Co-Founder and CEO Dillon Rosenblatt explains the uniqueness of Tom Brady’s celebrity NFT for sports fans, NFT activity amid crypto winters, and NFT engagement marketing.

Sony Music has filed a trademark to release NFT-backed music
September 8, 2022 via The Cryptonomist
Sony Music, an American company representing one of the three largest record labels in the music industry, filed a trademark application with the aim of releasing NFT-backed music, lyrics and videos.

Celebrities face legal ramifications for NFT endorsements
September 6, 2022 via Dot LA
Celebrities, like everyone else, just want to stay on top of what’s cool and new. In the last five or six years, it has been cryptocurrencies and NFTs.