Social Tokens’ Overtake NFTs as the New Kid on the Blockchain



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GazeTV Culture “Watch to Win” in the metaverse

The rise of social tokens and “Watch-to-Earn” culture in the metaverse

READING, BERKSHIRE, UK, April 26, 2022 / — Blockchain technology has caused a wave of change in all sectors. While user privacy and security issues remain constant and the practice of platforms storing and collecting user data remains the norm, a fundamental change is coming. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), Metaverse, and GameFi have been the latest trendsetters in the blockchain world, but “Social Tokens” are coming, ready to change the way we socialize on the internet.

Social tokens are digital assets backed by an individual or a community. They are the true product of Web 3.0 because they connect content creators directly with consumers without the need for an intermediary. The main purpose of social tokens is to create new opportunities for creators and communities to monetize their content.

In this digital world, content creators like musicians, artists, writers, and social media influencers are the real heroes and revenue generators of media. Unfortunately, these creators do not receive adequate rewards for their efforts. Third party social media applications such as Instagram exercise artistic and financial control over the relationship between content and audience. To overcome this exploitative control and fully reward creators for their efforts, social tokens are the key. Content creators can use social tokens to create, build and control their own economy, without the presence of corporate middlemen.

Since 2021, new socialization models using blockchain technology have been on the rise. Platforms that aim to build communities dedicated to fostering the relationship between content creators and audiences in a mutually beneficial way.

Take Gaze TV as an example, a revolutionary new social and entertainment platform based on blockchain. GazeTV incentivizes and rewards both creators and audiences through its tokenized economic system. This helps content creators and audiences interact directly with each other while supporting and growing together. The team behind the platform believes that audiences and communities are no longer passive products and incentivize them to like, share and comment on videos. This is done by taking a small percentage of the total value generated by all videos and putting it into an engagement reward pool that is used to reward the community for their engagement. GazeTV is set to achieve this through a three phase development plan. Phase one, the “LookAge“, meant the launch of the platform in May 2021. Since then, GazeTV has attracted more than 520,000 minutes of content and a GazeTV community of several thousand with more than 53,998 hours dedicated to the platform. The platform reaches users in 184 countries and has airdropped over 15.9 million GAZE social tokens in the process.

The upcoming second phase of GazeTV, “gazer-lization”, focuses on peer interaction, networking and discovery. Introduces the ability to host private or public live streaming events, giving creators additional controls to manage their own unique revenue models. The social networking aspect of the platform allows people to engage in peer-to-peer messaging with other members of the community. GazeTV will also introduce a new “Watch to Win” and “Enter to Win” mechanism that rewards participants with multiple incentives and benefits based on their efforts and contributions to the ecosystem. This new content vertical allows creators to use their artist tokens as a payment method and interact in new ways with other content verticals. Phase two, “Gazer-lization,” will also feature an affiliate marketplace for sharing and recommending content and artists.

“Gazer-lization” will be released in late June 2022 and is expected to bring a fresh new approach to how social entertainment platforms work. By encouraging audiences to watch and engage with content, GazeTV makes the audience an integral and active part of its ecosystem. Content creators can directly engage with their audiences and earn rewards and incentives for uploading their content to the platform without the presence of intermediaries.

Early registration is now open for “Gazer-lization”. Become a Gazer and experience the new wave of socialization.

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