Shiba Inu Price Prediction – Can it Recover? 3 Other Coins to Consider

  • Amid rising trading volume and volatility following the FTX crash, we provide a Shiba Inu price prediction.
  • We also profiled 3 tokens that we think are worth investing in over SHIB.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) rode the coattails of Dogecoin during the meme coin era and became the second largest meme project behind DOGE.

It was positioned in the market as a ‘DOGE Killer’ as investors searched for the next coin that would provide massive gains after Dogecoin’s incredible rally.

The marketing strategy of SHIB as the main alternative to DOGE resulted in a rise for the coin during October 2021, but the rally was followed by a rapid fall, with SHIB losing more than 90% of its value.

Currently trading at $0.00000925, the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is bound to fall lower before recovering, according to some analysts. Although SHIB may recover, it may take a while before it returns to great profits.

Shiba Inu Price Prediction

SHIB has seen a surge in trading volume in recent days after an immediate sell-off in the wake of the FTX crash and, according to CoinMarketCap, is up 15% in the last 24 hours to $158 million.

The token has experienced continued volatility in recent days and has ranged from $0.0000088 to $0.0000096 in the past week.

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If Shiba Inu continues to trend higher, it will face resistance at $0.0000128, but breaking above that level means a possible rally to $0.000017 – trading volume will need to increase significantly for SHIB to continue its momentum and range those levels.

If it fails to break above $0.0000128, the SHIB will look like it is bouncing around its range and could head to the bottom of it at $0.0000085.

The good news for SHIB is that it looks like it has formed the Wyckoff spring, causing a panic low below support and then rallying back into its normal trading range. A significant price recovery usually follows the Wyckoff spring.

Our price prediction for SHIB by the end of 2022 is $0.000012. A crypto market recovery is on the cards in 2023, as numerous coins lost more than 90% of their value during their 2022 crash.

Our Shiba Inu Price Prediction concludes that SHIB could reach $0.00028 in 2023 after fighting stiff resistance at $0.000017.

Alternatives to Shiba Inu

Our review team also found 3 coins that investors should consider if they want big gains in the near future.

The good news is that all 3 coins are in pre-sale, allowing investors to get the best asset prices: all three coins are D2T, IMPT Y ESTUARY.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T): Crypto Signals Platform with On-Chain Analysis

Investors looking for a protocol that will help them become more profitable will appreciate the cryptanalysis and intelligence platform. Dash 2 Trade.

In addition to the platform, investors also benefit from owning D2T, a prized asset that is accelerating through its pre-sale and will now be listed on exchanges much sooner than originally planned.

unnamed 2022 11 30T221130.359

This is because the developers decided to bring Dash 2 Trade to the market in the wake of the FTX crash, and crypto investors clamor for reliable tools and information to help them maximize profits and avoid fraudulent projects.

Developed by the same doxxed and KYC verified team behind Learn2Trade, a beginner-friendly forex and cryptocurrency trading platform that has 70,000 global users, Dash 2 Trade will now only have four pre-sale stages instead of nine.

Currently in stage 3 of the pre-sale, D2T tokens are available at $0.0513 and will increase to $0.0533 in the final stage.

The pre-sale token allocation has dropped dramatically, from 665 million to 262.5 million, and over 150 million of those tokens have already been sold, meaning there is little time left before D2T hits exchanges.

The project has already confirmed listings on LBank and BitMart, and the token is expected to rise in price on its IEO given the interest around the token and the unique utility of the protocol.

Dash 2 Trade has already raised over $7.5 million in just over a month and investors should not wait for D2T to list on exchanges because only 5% of the limited supply of 1 billion is available for liquidity.

In addition to owning a sizeable asset, investors use their subscription tokens to access the platform’s wide range of analytical tools and data.

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Dash 2 trading platform

Investors who want to avoid studying charts for hours and reading fundamental data can use Dash 2 Trade signals to enter buying and selling opportunities.

The platform also allows traders to benefit from automated trading.

unnamed 2022 11 30T221249.410

Once the Dash 2 Trade pre-sale ends, investors don’t need to worry about finding other cryptocurrency pre-sales: the platform scans the market for new pre-sales and then scores them based on utility, tokenomics, and auditing.

The score, out of 100, helps investors determine the legitimacy of the project and allows users to confidently invest in the best projects and avoid tokens that will not be profitable or are outright scams.

Alerts for coins listed on new exchanges are also available to Dash 2 Trade users.

Traders will also benefit from strategy building and backtesting tools, with these tools helping users create various strategies and determine the most profitable ones by testing them in a simulated environment that mimics live market conditions.

unnamed 2022 11 30T221418.430

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Sentiment and narrative play a vital role in cryptocurrency prices, so Dash 2 Trade follows trends and provides metrics on the coins that the cryptocurrency market is talking about on Twitter and Reddit.

It relays this information to subscribers, helping them get coins before they potentially take off.

Dash 2 Trade has made this platform social and allows traders to trade strategies and then monitor the ones that are working well to share them with the rest of the community. Investors can also participate in trading competitions and weekly price predictions to earn rewards.

The on-chain analysis feature scans popular networks and provides statistics on wallet movements, and when irregular movements occur, the feature alerts investors so they know what the smart money is doing.

The D2T token grants investors access to Dash 2 Trade tools and insights through a three-tier subscription model, costing from 400 to 1000 D2T per month.

Investors need to own D2T tokens to take advantage of all those tools, and the best time to get them is now, with only 100 million pre-sale tokens left and D2T expected to pump after listing.

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IMPT: Innovative Green Cryptographic Project

Investors mindful of contributing to environmental causes while earning rewards will appreciate the new pre-sale IMPTwhich has raised $13 million so far.

This ecosystem rewards investors with IMPT tokens for shopping at pre-selected retailers.

unnamed 2022 11 30T221510.201

IMPT has partnered with numerous retail giants who will donate a portion of their proceeds to causes that care about our environment, with Samsung and Microsoft among the brands with affiliated partnerships.

The other benefit of this platform is that it allows investors to play a direct role in making a positive environmental contribution.

You have enabled a social feature that tracks each user’s carbon footprint and users who reduce their carbon footprint are rewarded with points. Even higher points are rewarded when users burn their carbon credits.

If carbon credits are not burned, they are minted into NFTs, which represent assets that investors can sell or hold as a long-term investment.

unnamed 2022 11 30T221628.188

In order to have a positive impact on the environment, investors must own IMPT tokens.

Getting involved in this project now means getting the tokens at $0.023 and then seeing them appreciate in value as they enter the final stage, where they will sell for $0.028.

Considering that IMPT has raised over $13 million since the beginning of October 2022, these coins are likely to sell out quickly.

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Calvaria (RIA) – Play to win cryptocurrency that offers high bandwidth and low fees

calvaria is a card battle strategy game that sets itself apart from other Play-2-Earn (P2E) games in a number of ways.

By using the Polygon network to build its ecosystem, Calvaria has avoided the scalability issue most games face, providing players with high bandwidth and low fees.

unnamed 2022 11 30T221729.509

Players build their decks of cards with unique characters by using RIA Tokens to purchase them or earn them by winning matches, while Calvaria also provides power-ups and resources that make player decks stronger.

Players can also combine cards of the same strength to purchase higher level cards and defeat opponents to win tournaments. Calvaria also differs from other P2E games in that it offers two reward tokens: eRIA and RIA.

Both coins can be used for in-game purchases and collecting rewards: RIA token holders can also stake their coins to receive passive income and govern the ecosystem through a DAO to ensure it works properly.

Calvaria is also developing a free version of its core game to attract traditional and casual gamers to the blockchain, and that version does not require NFTs or tokens to play.

unnamed 2022 11 30T221838.338

Calvaria, which is fully 3D and available on mobile devices, is one of the best NFT projects and is currently offering its native token in the final stage of its presale.

The pre-sale has already raised over $2 million and is now in its final stages before hitting the exchanges, where it is expected to further increase the price.

With only 30 million tokens left, the sale is imminent, so make sure you get in before it’s too late.

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