Serious Bitcoin And Crypto Hack Warning As Apecoin Price Plummets

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On the ground floor ?

While the prices of cryptocurrencies are not going up, they are not going down either. Floor bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies found last summer seem to be holding for most major coins and it looks like only one big event will push prices below the current level. Anyone can guess what it could be, but it could come in the form of a new strict regulation, a high-profile headline like Elon Musk cashing in, or a glitch in El Salvador’s bitcoin experiment. At the moment, the current range-based trading is likely to continue with Bitcoin 2022 in Miami next month, which could be the catalyst for a bullish surge.

Bitcoin is down 1% at this time yesterday with ethereal following her down. The rest of the top ten cryptos, as measured by CoinMarketCap, are mixed. avalanchea rival to ethereum, is rising 5%, while Terra Moon looks like it could displace Ripple XRP as the sixth largest coin this week.

After rushing out of the starting blocks, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s NFT Collection Apecoin has stumbled. Investors are currently taking advantage of what is effectively a meme coin and it was down 5% at this time yesterday. Weekend coindesk published a good overview of the new hot currency.

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Crypto chaos after Hubspot hack ?️

Hacked: A handful of crypto firms were forced to contact their users over the weekend warning that a data breach at marketing software maker Hubspot may have resulted in the theft of your information. Crypto lending company BlockFi, bitcoin buying app Swan Bitcoin, and hedge fund Pantera Capital contacted their users to say names and contact information may have been accessed, but hackers from Hubspot did not gain access to their internal systems. About 30 customers are believed to have been affected, but a full list has not been released.

Why it matters: Data breaches are of particular concern to businesses and cryptocurrency users. If bitcoins or other currencies are stolen, it often means there is no way to get them back. Furthermore, previous data breaches from crypto companies have resulted in targeted phishing attacks against known crypto users and even threats of physical violence. New “attack vectors” related to a July 2020 data breach in the Ledger hardware wallet are still being discovered. Some cryptocurrency users “reported receiving an increase in phishing emails from companies over the weekend, attempting to lure them into entering their password on a fake site,” according to coindesk.

As a step: Hubspot stores usernames, phone numbers and email addresses on behalf of companies for marketing purposes, using data to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. According to Hubspot, the hacker gained access to an employee account that was used to specifically access crypto industry data. “On March 18, a bad actor compromised a HubSpot employee account and used it to access data within fewer than 30 HubSpot accounts,” read a statement posted on HubSpot’s website. “At this time, we believe this is an incident targeting customers in the cryptocurrency industry. We have terminated access to the compromised HubSpot employee account and removed the ability for other employees to perform certain actions on employee accounts.” customers”.

What you must do: If you store a significant amount of cryptocurrency with any business that uses Hubspot or might use Hubspot, update your passwords, enable non-cell phone two-factor authentication, and be more careful about potential phishing attacks. It’s not easy being your own bank.

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Pain becomes meta ?

? A technology company in Japan is working to bring physical pain to users of the metaverse as developers seek to break down the walls between the real and the virtual.

⚡ H2L, backed by Sony, has developed a bracelet that uses electrical stimulation to recreate sensations with the hope of “freeing humans from any kind of restriction in terms of space, body and time” by 2029.

?️ “Feeling pain allows us to turn the world of the metaverse into a true [world]with greater feelings of presence and immersion,” Emi Tamaki, CEO and co-founder of the Tokyo-based company, told financial times.

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next week ?

Keep an eye out for these crypto and crypto related events this week.

? Today, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is speaking at a National Association for Business Economics conference on “sustainable and inclusive growth,” but watch for some comments on interest rates and inflation, the two big topics that They occupy much of the mind space of traders and investors at the moment.

? Where in the world is… El Salvador’s bitcoin bonus? The world is still waiting for El Salvador, the first country to adopt bitcoin as one of its official currencies, to launch its highly anticipated $1 billion dollar bond, backed by bitcoin and fueled by a volcano. Last week, Salvadoran Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya, who previously said the bond sale could take place between March 15 and 20,warned that the war between Ukraine and Russia could slow down the process.

Bitcoin bond ready for baptism of fire in El Salvador

?️ Tomorrow, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) will bring together global policymakers and senior executives from the financial and technology industries to discuss the future of money and payments. The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, heads the bill and also appears the governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey. The CEO of Bitfury, a former US Currency Comptroller Brian Brooks, will fly the crypto flag.

– Bailey will speak again on Friday at an online forum organized by a UK trade body.

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