SafeMoon (SFM) Price Prediction 2025-2030: Short-term investors gain with SFM


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The recent price movement of Safe Moon (SFM) it gives the cryptocurrency a low risk score based on the volatility of its price relative to its trading volume. The Safemoon (SFM) price has largely followed the general trend of the crypto industry since the FTX crash in early November last year. Its price has risen to $0.00026, increasing 15% from last month.

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OFS was heavily promoted as a long-term investment. To achieve this, it increases transaction fees by 10% and coin owners receive 50% of the funds. Safemoon has had a rough year, with the company accused of manipulating its price with celebrity endorsements, prompting some investors to file lawsuits against it. Its current market capitalization is $148,237,305.

Since its introduction, SafeMoon has outperformed the ROI of most major meme coin projects, where most of them have been operating for a year. As one of the most popular pages on CoinMarketCap, SafeMoon has had more views than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined. SafeMoon received a huge reaction, or nearly a million searches, according to Google’s global filter trend statistics.

In 2021, SFM repaid its investors significantly. Given how volatile the cryptocurrency market is, it is impossible to predict the price of SafeMoon or any other cryptocurrency in the future. However, since SafeMoon switched to V2 in December 2021, the performance of SFM Coin in the future is promising. This currency is actively promoted by the SafeMoon army, which works non-stop day and night.

This article will look at recent market activity for SafeMoon, paying special attention to its market capitalization and volume. With the help of data sets like non-zero addresses, whale transaction counts, etc., the same will be extended. Predictions from well-known analysts and platforms will be summarized at the end, along with a look at the Fear & Greed Index to gauge market sentiment.

SafeMoon Price, Volume and Everything Else

SafeMoon launched in March 2021 with a supply of 777 billion tokens. Its growing popularity, coupled with the cryptocurrency boom of 2021, turned out to be a huge success for the coin, as its price reached one ATH in mid-April.

At the end of October, its price continued to reach new levels and maintain previous levels each time there were reductions.

At the time of writing, the token was trading at $0.0002646, according to TradingView.

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Source: TradingView

SafeMoon’s popularity earned it a large number of users. Launched in March 2021, its market capitalization grew exponentially in a matter of a few weeks, peaking at $5.75 billion in mid-May. As of the end of October 2021, SafeMoon’s market capitalization was above $3.65 million.

During the crypto crash of 2022, the market capitalization from SafeMoon fell from $1.4 billion (early January) to just over $215 million. At press time, its market capitalization was above $148 million.

According to CNBC International’s estimation, the tremendous deluge of stimulus from governments and central banks around the world to deal with the coronavirus epidemic will only enhance investment in SafeMoon trading, according to cryptocurrency advocates. They argue that such activities reduce the value of fiat money, making SafeMoon a profitable investment for cryptocurrency holders.

Several celebrities, including Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter, young rap sensation Lil’ Yachty and YouTuber Logan Paul, have endorsed SafeMoon. The coin has also been the subject of several litigationhowever, some accuse him of recruiting celebrities to help skyrocket his price.

One of the most recent incidents in the SafeMoon celebrity endorsement saga was when SafeMoon investors filed a lawsuit against Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. Portnoy was in the news in September 2021 when he invested $40,000 in SafeMoon, calling the cryptocurrency his “favorite sh*tcoin.”

Investors accused him of pumping the crypto and then dumping their positions. However, Portnoy claimed that he did not make any money on his investment and, in fact, lost a significant portion of his investment.” I’m the only guy who loses all of his money at Safemoon and gets sued for it. aggregate.

However, the legal information website called Justia revealed that on September 9 the plaintiffs filed a dismissal brief with respect to Portnoy.

Towards the end of July, Bloomberg reported that SafeMoon had teamed up with Pige Inu. The joint venture will see collaboration on Twitter as well as the latter’s inclusion in the SafeMoon Swap.

That wasn’t the only new SafeMoon Swap announcement in July. according to a report Per Insider, SafeMoon had announced a corporate partnership with MetFX. According to the association, the project will be listed on the SafeMoon Swap.

Over the next year, it will undoubtedly overcome all restrictions and bring good fortune to anyone who invests in it. In fact, at the end of 2021, the SafeMoon price easily reached $0.000001367 thanks to strong smart contracts.

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Data from blockchain analytics firm Santiment revealed that market events have been able to influence SafeMoon’s popularity. Positive sentiment, as well as its social dominance, were at the low mark, at press time.

Both metrics peaked after the collapse of Terra. Thereafter, it experienced a peak in the months of August and September. But after September 6, it has been in a steady decline.

SafeMoon Predictions for 2025

Market predictions are not completely reliable. Cryptocurrency analysts cannot always foresee larger political and economic forces, such as geopolitical crises in Ukraine or increased regulations. Also, different analysts look at different sets of market metrics to reach their conclusions. Therefore, their predictions can vary widely. Investors should do their research before investing in any cryptocurrency, especially a currency as volatile as SafeMoon.

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change blog post says that crypto experts have analyzed the price of SafeMoon since its launch and do not predict an optimistic picture for the token. According to them, SFM will trade for as low as $0.00000002 throughout 2025.

Telegaon, however, he is very optimistic about the future of SafeMoon. In 2030, he predicts that SFM will trade for as high as $0.012 and as low as $0.0072. Its average price throughout the year will be $0.0084, he stated.

The Mohadesa Najumi of the capital summarized that SFM will trade within the range of $0.000918 and $0.002 in 2025.

SafeMoon Predictions for 2030

By 2030, Changelly claimed that SMF will trade for as high as $0.00000015 and as low as $0.00000013 in 2030. Its average price in said year will be $0.00000014, with a potential ROI of 400% .

Telegaon, on the other hand, foretold which will trade for as high as $0.11 and as low as $0.38. Its average price in that year will be $0.24, he said.

najumi writes that different forecasters have different expectations regarding the future of SafeMoon. In 2030, it could trade in the range of $0.00211 and $0.011, he claimed.

Here, it is also worth looking at the Crypto-Market fear and greed index. It has been a bearish few days for the market, with the index reading just 20 at the time of writing. By contrast, it had a reading of 47 earlier this month. Needless to say, there seems to be a lot of fear around.


SafeMoon employs a staking algorithm thanks to which you can earn more on your investment. Its participation algorithm allows users to earn more interest on their investments than with traditional investment options, such as stocks or bonds. It gained market attention with the release of SafeMoon V2 in December last year. That He brought with itself a 1000:1 consolidation upgrade with a new total SFM supply of one trillion.

SafeMoon is still a respectable coin to invest in for good future profits. Being a meme coin, the asset is subject to significant price fluctuations. It is fortunate that it is a desirable alternative given its low cost. The asset holds some promise, as evidenced by the aforementioned Safemoon projections.

The SafeMoon community also remains very strong, always making efforts to take it to new heights. in fact, won the Crypto-Community of the Year 2021 award at the AIBC summit held in Malta.

If we look closely at the SafeMoon price movement over the past few months, we can expect a move higher because it shows a breakout of a resistance line to the downside and subsequent validation as support.

SafeMoon, like most memecoins, began its journey by poking fun at the cryptocurrency craze. However, it quickly went viral and gained traction. The SafeMoon team quickly realized where it could go and soon launched SafeMoon Wallet. The group has learned to harness its influence over time.

An investor, who had previously sued the creators of the Safemoon token for allegedly defrauding investors by artificially inflating the price of the tokens through false statements, withdrew his class action lawsuit last week. When this news broke, the price of the token skyrocketed to $0.00000196. But it soon dropped to its usual price.

SafeMoon, like most memecoins, began by making fun of the cryptocurrency craze. It quickly went viral and gained traction. The SafeMoon team quickly recognized its potential and launched SafeMoon Wallet. Over time, the group has learned to trust their power.

Safemoon describes itself as “a human-centered technology and innovation business advancing blockchain technologies for a brighter tomorrow.” The early days of the project as a purely deflationary tokenomic effort seem very different from that slogan. The official Twitter account has just under 1.3 million followers and 300,000 people are members of the subreddit.

SafeMoon recently published the SafeMoon token monetization innovation (TMI). SafeMoon TMI changes the decentralized exchange landscape to unlock additional access for token partner lists. Basically, it broadens the availability of Web 3.0 to more participants by making token listings more accessible to token liquidity providers and unlocking additional potential for the community to partner with meaningful projects.

The future of SafeMoon, like the future of all cryptocurrencies, is uncertain, but it has the potential to skyrocket if it manages to adapt to new technological and market changes. Before investing in a cryptocurrency, investors should be aware of market trends and focus on researching the long-term impact of the cryptocurrency.