‘Rogan Coin’ Promises to Create a Platform to Avoid Censorship—Is New Crypto Related to Joe Rogan?


A “Rogan Coin” project has been officially launched to bring a new cryptocurrency that aims to distribute the coins for the public to buy, along with another focus of the project. The creators shared that they are doing it for Joe Rogan, a now popular celebrity, podcaster, and mixed martial arts commentator, as the creators believe he is under massive media censorship.

Rogan Coin: What is it and what is the purpose of Crypto?

rogan coin

(Photo: Rogan Coin via Twitter)

The New Rogan Coin made his presence known via Twitter, which lets people know that the startup was dedicated to earning and trading cryptocurrencies. He hopes to soon build a platform through his earnings for an uncensored outlet that the platform will launch once there is enough revenue available to start such a space.

The currency is available for trading through DexTools hold the coin and avoid that incomplete transaction done online as it is full of scammers looking to take advantage. Rogan Coin is still in its infancy and people will have to trade and buy a lot of the new cryptocurrency before it can achieve its dreams of providing uncensored media.

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Rogan Coin: Is it a scam or a legit coin?

It might sound like a scam when you first hear about Rogan Coin, especially since their Twitter account only has three tweets at present. The new coin may be waiting for a long time now and it may be a scary time to invest in cryptocurrency news. For now, the public should be careful when buying coins from any platform or investing in a massive offer for Rogan Coin.

Joe Rogan and his Spotify dispute

Joe Rogan went under the radar for a considerable amount of time, especially after rock legend Neil Young. called out Spotify for allowing “disinformation” stay on the platform. The dispute did not lead anywhere as, finally, Spotify did not remove Rogan from the multimedia platform and it turned out to be one of the biggest cases of this 2022.

The popular podcast artist is continuing his show on the streaming platform despite the world knowing that Rogan brought misinformation about his show. Once, on the Joe Rogan Experience, the podcaster said that healthy people should not receive the vaccinethat they can survive without immunity.

However, this is incorrect as many experts urge everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Spotify’s inaction raised a lot of thoughts about their alleged “bias” on Rogan because of the money they make on the platform. However, the issue made Rogan a notable name for a certain movement that also led to the creation of coins named after him and dedicated to an uncensored online platform, with no thought as to how it will affect the media platform.

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