Robinhood and NFT project Azuki’s Twitter hacked; 122 NFTs worth 484.99 ETH stolen from the latter



  • Robinhood and Azuki’s hacked social media channels on Discord posted phishing links.
  • Azuki’s attacker managed to phish around 122 NFTs worth around $778,408, which included 2 Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs.
  • Total crypto market capitalization regained the $1 trillion mark, recouping the $250 billion loss from two months ago.

The cryptocurrency market faced its first major cyberattack of the year in the form of a social media hack that hit Robinhood and the NFT project Azuki. While the damage was not as severe as attacks on social media channels in the past, it brought back the question of cybercrime awareness, as the attack was in the form of phishing.

Robinhood and Azuki hacked

Robinhood and Azuki became the recipients of a hack in which the intruder managed to gain control of the trading platform’s Twitter accounts and the NFT project. The hacker began posting phishing links to the accounts not long after also hacking Discord of Azuki, where the damage was much more severe.

The Azuki attack reportedly resulted in the attacker making off with around 122 NFTs, estimated to be worth around $778,408. This 484.99 ETH hack was achieved through a specific phishing mode in which signature pending orders were induced through Seaport. While the variety of stolen NFTs has yet to be confirmed, the 122 NFTs appeared to also include 2 Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs.

Azuki regained control of his Twitter channels soon after and confirmed the attack by tweeting,

“We immediately reached out to our contacts on Twitter and took steps to alert the community. Malicious tweets and links were promptly removed. Our investigation into the Twitter breach is ongoing. We take security very seriously and the Twitter account was protected using a 2FA authentication app.”

On the other hand, no reports of damage suffered by Robinhood users have yet emerged, nor has the trading platform made any statement in this regard.

The crypto market leaves billions behind

Two months after facing the fall induced by the FTX crash, the total crypto market capitalization finally recouped its losses as the value of all CRYPTOCURRENCIES crossed the $1 trillion mark.

Total crypto market capitalization

Total crypto market capitalization

Year-to-date, the crypto market capitalization increased by 33.34%, increasing by $251 billion to touch $1.006 trillion. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Y Ethereal prices did not notice any significant jumps in the last 24 hours, except for the king coin breaking above $23,000 and the second-generation cryptocurrency dipping below $1,600.