Recognizing Crypto Scams And Fraudulent Activities: An Informative Guide


You have seen it before, a site that promises to give you double the little you have invested in Crypto.

The site looks legit with all the testimonials from happy customers, promises of guaranteed earnings, and easy to use dashboards that make you believe you are using a genuine trading platform.

These websites make big promises, attract customers and convince them to invest in their platforms. Unfortunately, after making the investment, you do not get any confirmation about the amount of Cryptocurrencies you have purchased.

And when you try to contact their customer support, you are met with no answers.

Only then do you realize that you have been the victim of a scam.

While the cryptocurrency trading market is comparatively new, it has certainly produced more millionaires than any other industry. However, the same blessing has turned into a nightmare for new investors.

Today, we will discuss crypto scams and fraudulent activities and try to find solutions that can help you avoid falling victim to such scams.

Common cryptocurrency scams and how to avoid them

As you become more involved in the new monetary mechanism known as Cryptocurrency, it doesn’t take long to recognize the risk involved in every transaction.

It has only been a decade since the first cryptocurrency was introduced to the market. Since then, it has become a money-making machine. Naturally, this attracted the attention of hackers and fraud activists.

When investing in cryptocurrencies from a third party platform, you need to make sure that a real person is behind the company. If the trading platform you are using lacks the following, please consider your decisions more carefully.

1. Imposter website

It is quite common that even the experts do not realize the difference between a fake website and a real website. After all, fakes are created exactly the same as the original websites.

As you browse the internet, you will come across hundreds of trading platforms. You might think that they are all legit with a real purpose. However, this is not the case. Among the hundreds of websites, almost half of them are fake.

Therefore, to avoid falling victim to these fake websites, always visit a website with a lock. or just visit tesler trading.

2. Fraudulent emails

Emails are one of the main avenues for fraudulent users to convince you to click on unknown links. Hackers will send you an email with links that will redirect you to a trading platform. These trading platforms look real like the original platform.

Before making a transaction on such a website, you should do your research and make sure the email is authentic. If you can’t find any relevant data on the trading platform of the email id that doesn’t look authentic, you are probably being attacked by a hacker.

3. Social Engineering

Social engineering has become a new method of performing crypto scams. People with rich social media platforms and followers will contact you hoping to convince you to invest in Cryptocurrencies.

They will present themselves as market experts and investors in cryptocurrencies. Also, they will flaunt their wealth gained from Cryptocurrency. This will make you feel as if you were investing in Cryptocurrencies.

Once you are convinced to invest, they act as your guide or teacher. But, what they do is you transfer money to their bank account.

4. Fake mobile apps

Mobile apps are the new norm. No matter what services you use, there is a mobile app. The same can be said for cryptocurrency trading. While mobile apps are designed to make things easier, fraudulent activists have found ways to use this medium.

While these fake apps can be easily found by interested parties, there are times when fake apps pass the test and thousands of people fall victim to them.

When in doubt, get in touch!

The first step before starting to use an investment platform. You must reach out to knowledgeable people and take their quotes. Talking will help you better understand the current scenario and help you make better decisions.

We know that you may find this information too short for your liking. If you are interested in knowing everything we know, please contact us. We like to have valuable conversations.