NFTs for a Good Cause


Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have taken the world by storm by giving people the means to own assets that are nearly indestructible in nature. This is possible because NFTs operate around the ownership of unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain network, making it easy for owners to be in full control. As if this were not enough to attract people, the rich and famous have jumped on the NFT bandwagon, increasing the millions of dollars in circulation.

NFT and the arts

NFTs are a good development for artists, art enthusiasts, and collectors as they can continue their business without the hassle of shipping, storage, or even maintenance (in the case of artwork). In fact, NFTs are not just limited to digital paintings or images; this transcends music, videos, games, cards and all possible forms of art. It goes without saying that NFTs keep the hands full of creatives and enthusiasts with large sums of money to spare.

The switch to good causes

More than just a source of entertainment, NFTs are slowly becoming a way to support social and other relevant causes. Through the sale or auction of NFTs, artists and celebrities can raise funds for movements and organizations that support important causes.

UNICEF, for example, launched a collection of 1,000 NFTs to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Proceeds from this effort will be used to provide Internet connectivity to schools in 21 countries. Each sponsor will receive an NFT of a digital artwork featuring data from the 280,000 beneficiary schools.

make a wish international, an organization that supports cancer patients, has also ventured to provide its backers with a more seamless way to donate through the use of NFT. Each donor will receive a child-drawn NFT artwork in support of other children undergoing chemotherapy.

However, organizations are not the only ones in the movement to use NFTs to raise funds for social good. Individuals themselves can establish their independent movements. CEO of Twitter jack dorseyfor example, he was able to auction off his first tweet on the site for $2.9 million in March 2021. The proceeds from this auction were donated to an organization that supports the COVID response in Africa.

On the other hand, artist and brain cancer survivor Jeremy Ryan is currently whitelisted by his super pixie Collection. Like all previous Jeremy aka NFT Demon collections, part of the proceeds from the Super Gremlin collection will be donated to non-governmental organizations that support the treatment of cancer patients. A portion of the proceeds from the Super Gremlin collection will be used specifically to raise awareness during Brain Cancer Awareness Month.

an inspiring story

Jeremy Ryan’s story is truly inspiring. When he was diagnosed with brain cancer, he was told that he had no chance of survival. Not only did he win his battle with cancer, but an unprecedented talent was born within him. Before his diagnosis, he had no artistic skills and had never been interested in art, but due to neural changes in his brain, he found passion in creating digital art in the form of NFT.

After just one month, he became the biggest NFT artist on the BNB chain and has sold thousands of artworks across six different NFT collections. Jeremy is revolutionizing the industry by not only bringing eye-catching pieces to the table, but also by allowing their owners to connect and give back to charitable causes.

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