Minecraft To Ban NFTs on Game Servers


Mojang has made statements regarding his feelings about Minecraft NFTs on game servers, stating that they don’t think the NFT market is something they want to implement in their game. They claim that NFTs “create models of scarcity and exclusion” and want their players to feel safe while using their servers.

While their guidelines and policies allow server owners to charge other players for access, they mention that in order to maintain a safe space and inclusive game play for their players, will not allow NFT to be integrated within your client at all. They also state that they do not give anyone permission to use game content such as worlds, skins, or any items to be used by blockchain technologies. The reasons for their choice are the following.

They realized that some of their skins and world files have been used by other companies as a means of creating collectible items. Minecraft NFT. They claim that the exclusivity of these collectibles goes directly against their values, as they pride themselves on a happy and nurturing gaming environment where everyone is welcome. They are also very concerned about speculation as they want the main focus to be playing their game and not qualifying to buy digital assets for others to earn income.

They are also concerned about the security of these volatile NFTs and those who sell them. They are concerned that these third-party vendors are unreliable and may cost players their hard-earned money for little return, which seems unfair to Mojang. Some of these third-party NFT owners may be at the mercy of an asset manager, and if that manager simply disappears without warning, everyone who was involved with that NFT may suffer.

Finally, they are concerned about fraud. Several of these digital assets have been sold to unsuspecting buyers at staggeringly high prices, with the promise of a huge profit, which 99.9% of the time is not true. Mojang is concerned that his community may fall victim to these schemes and does not want to get involved in things like that.

They finally state,

“As such, to ensure that Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, Blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated within our Minecraft client and server applications nor may they be used to create NFTs associated with any game content, including worlds, skins, personal items, or other mods.”