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Melbourne, Australia, November 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vidico is a video production company with a talented group of writers, directors, producers, designers and editors committed to creating compelling narratives for innovative startups and companies. technological.

with their renowned Tech video production capabilities, Vidico can produce explainer videos, product videos, brand videos, and TV commercials and has been the company of choice for industry-leading clients including Spotify, Amazon, Uber, and Samsung.

At this year’s Muse Creative Awards, they won two Gold Awards in the Business to Business and Motion Graphics categories.

For the Business to Business category, Vidico worked with Cascade to re-introduce their brand to an existing market that values ​​tradition and structure. The team produced a brand video that reflected Cascade’s customer-facing values ​​of being fun, ambitious and bold.

By using a relatable story that had a humorous undertone and a romantically infused hook, viewers were not only immediately intrigued, but were also able to clearly see the main benefits and interface of the product.

Within six days of posting the video to Cascade’s YouTube channel, it racked up over 70,000 views, increased impression rate to 40%, and doubled the number of subscribers.

In the Motion Graphics category, Vidico was awarded for creating a 90-second promotional video for the company, Easy Agile, which builds tools for agile software development teams to make their clients more successful.

The video used catchy animation that was visually appealing, fun, and educational by giving the audience the right balance of details and key information without being overwhelming.

The production company that understands technology

Vidico is your complete video production solution that has been specifically designed for tech startups and tech companies in SaaS, consumer electronics, DTC, blockchain, and data security.

They have produced over 894 videos for well-known tech companies, including Uber, Square, and Digital Ocean, and will help you through every stage of your customer journey, including:

  • customer acquisition – See immediate improvements in your campaign performance and a lower cost per acquisition.
  • Commitment – Get unmatched engagement and view rates on new product updates going live for your existing customers.
  • Retention – Demonstrate the workflows and power features of the product, as well as turn your users into experts who will keep their interest longer.
  • easy to manage – The Vidico team manages the entire process and has established milestones that ensure quality is built into every stage of your project, but you can be sure you are in control every step of the way.
  • easy to scale – Localize for different markets or create cuts or variants of your video quickly and cheaply. They understand what it takes to communicate an innovative product and the importance of testing.

with Vidico’s saas video productionYou’ll receive a complete end-to-end process involving scriptwriting, storyboarding, and help telling your company’s story in the most efficient way possible.

You can choose from nine different video types, including more abstract and background concepts that suit animation or live-action videos that encourage a more emotional connection with your customers.

Whatever you choose, Vidico will ensure that your project helps you with all aspects of marketing and sales, as well as having a clear message and focused content that is designed for complex technology.

If you are a technology company with an innovative product and need a perfect message that can be explained in 60 seconds, turn to the experts at Vidico.

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More information

To learn more about Vidico and its video production services, or to learn more about its gold rewards at this year’s Muse Creative Awards, visit its website at vidico.com.

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