IMPT Price Prediction – 5 reasons why this crypto will explode after CEX listing next week


The news that Ethereum reduced its energy consumption by 99.95% served as a wake-up call for investors around the world who suddenly realized the impact that the crypto market has on energy consumption in general. It was the moment when it became clear that everyone must find ways to reduce their carbon footprint and prevent further damage. the IMPT The project came at the perfect time and was welcomed with open arms by investors from all over the world. Since the pre-sale will take place on December 11, we will elaborate on five reasons why the price of IMPT tokens will skyrocket after the CEX listing next week.

5 reasons why this cryptocurrency will skyrocket soon

We cannot close our eyes and pretend that pollution is not happening. In fact, the effects are now being felt in our daily lives, and people are finally starting to react after years of warnings from scientists that we simply ignored. With the introduction of the IMPT The project came with hope as it is an easy and simple way for us to do something on our part to reduce carbon emissions and at the same time earn while doing it. Here are five reasons why the IMPT token matters and why it will skyrocket in a matter of days!

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  1. The presale is extremely successful

It is already clear that the IMPT The project has real value because the plan was to have three phases of a pre-sale that would end in the first quarter of 2023, but the pre-sale is already reaching the finish line in the next few days. We have seen what a successful presale means for crypto with Tamadoge (TAMA) Because not only did it take this project to raise $19 million in less than two months, but its value kept rising after it went public. Early investors got 10 times the value they invested, so we can expect this to happen with IMPT as well. The counter will stop on December 11, and the incredible thing is happening right now: tokens are selling faster than anyone could count, leaving a little more time for investors to jump on board and invest before it’s too late!

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