IMPT Hits 14 Million Milestone

At this time last year, many currencies were hitting all-time highs, and the year ended on a high note. However, it is not news that the cryptocurrency market experienced dips and bear runs as coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum lost half their value and other currencies lost more.

However, the lost glory was not to stay that way as the currencies tried to recover reaching new highs. One of the coins that has reached its highest point in recent weeks is IMPT, which has reached the $14 million milestone, giving hope that they will break out beyond expectations in 2023.

This article provides a detailed description of IMPT Y D2T and explore other currencies like ESTUARY Y TAMA which will reach an all-time high in 2023.

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The IMPT pre-sale has now surpassed $14 million in total funds raised, with just six days to go until it officially ends. This gives early investors only a short window of opportunity to purchase the IMPT token at a discount before it receives its first listings, with support from Uniswap, LBANK Exchange, and Changelly Pro already confirmed.