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For many people, their first purchase of an NFT can be a stressful experience. Here we will make it a little easier for you and we will explain step by step the process of buying your first NFT on the following platform: Open sea.

How to buy?

OpenSea allows you to buy NFTs in a few easy steps. The platform contains a variety of NFT collections that can suit everyone’s artistic needs and desires.

From purchasing virtual land to owning a chosen collection, OpenSea supports it all. Let us guide you through the steps to make your first NFT purchase.


A wallet is something you must have in order to buy an NFT and use the OpenSea platform. OpenSea offers a large number of wallet options. To learn more about which wallets they accept, click on the link we provided. here.

One thing to know about your wallet is to write down your seed phrase, or as some call it, a passphrase, and always keep it in a safe place.

This is something you never give to anyone. If you lose your keywords, all your assets can be lost. Once you have set up your wallet, you need to add crypto to the wallet. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to go.

2- Open open sea

Go to or write it in the browser. Note that the ending is [.io] NOT [.com].

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.26.42

3- Connect your wallet

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.26.33

As shown in red in the top right corner, you will be asked which wallet you would like to connect to the platform. For the purpose of this example, metamask will be used as it is one of the most used wallets for NFT purchases on OpenSea.

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.26.56

Select Metamask, or any of the available wallets that can run on the OpenSea platform.

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.27.05

You will now be asked to approve the connection allowing your wallet to connect to the platform. here you click [Next] and in the next popup you do the same.

4- Explore various collections

Once connected, you can browse the collections that interest you. The Browse tab allows you to select which NFT genre you are looking for and even sort collections by verified as well as popular collections.

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.27.16

5- Choose an NFT

Now that I’ve explored a few collections and selected the one I’m interested in, it’s time to choose which NFTs I’d like to buy.

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.27.28

For this example, I have selected Doodles. The collection currently has a minimum price of 19.5 Ethereum. After going through the collection, I found the Doodle that I want to buy.

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.27.37

When I select the image, this is the next screen that comes up.

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.28.06

On this page, you will see all the important information about the NFT. From price to past transactions to headlines, this is imperative information that you need to research.

Along with that, you will see all the characteristics of the NFT and how rare each one is. You should pay attention to all the attributes of the NFT.

The rarer it is, the more value the piece of digital art has. As you can see, the properties that the NFT has are very low in percentage, which means that many of the digital images do not share characteristics with the one I have selected.

This is excellent stuff, the rarer the better.

buying it

Screenshot 2022 05 08 at 17.28.20

As you see here, we have to buy now or make an offer. This allows people to choose what they would like to do. Note that some NFTs will only have: buy, bid, or both.

So we select buy now and our MetaMask will appear. you would select [Next] and do the same with the next popup. Please note that Ethereum gas fees (transaction fees) are still high.

And with that, you will be asked to approve the price of the gas tariff. Once this is done, you can call yourself a proud NFT owner. So there you have it folks.

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