How to Make a PR Product and Get Organic Traffic

  • Crypto marketing is very important for cryptocurrencies, as proper promotion allows your coin to stand out among thousands of other projects.
  • One of the methods to attract subscribers and increase brand awareness is Telegram ads.

The cryptocurrency space is increasing day by day. New coins appear at lightning speed, and large projects continue to be promoted and advertised, making life difficult for new crypto projects.

That is why many cryptocurrency business owners wonder how to promote their cryptocurrency. What should be the marketing strategy for a new coin or token?

Practice shows that it is sometimes very difficult to immediately say which strategy will bring the most profit. The choice of strategy depends not only on the objectives, but also on the budget and the market situation.

cryptomarketing it is very important for cryptocurrencies, since proper promotion allows your coin to stand out among thousands of other projects. In order for the project to be noticed, it is worth using the right promotion strategies and channels that will help attract organic traffic.

The past year was generous with new crypto projects. And even with the constant market correction, cryptocurrency projects thrive even in such conditions. First of all, it is a question of audience coverage, which is a vital indicator for any cryptocurrency or crypto project. Only by developing a solid marketing strategy for the ICO, IEO or STO period, your project will attract thousands of interested leads. Without the dissemination of information about the project, it is impossible to succeed in the world of cryptocurrencies due to the large number of altcoins.

It is a mistake to think that the use of SEO, social networks, newsletters and blogs is a simple marketing tactic. It is worth considering them from the point of view of fundamental strategies. A very popular tool to promote cryptocurrencies is Telegram. As of October 2022, there are already 700 million registered users on Telegram. And many crypto projects use it to gather their audience there. For example, Binance Exchange on its channel gathered more than 500,000 members.

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Telegram crypto marketing is an easy way to grow projects. One of the methods to attract subscribers and increase brand awareness is telegram ads.

Another one of the effective channels to promote the site in terms of link building and PR is guest posting. Guest posting involves placing expert content with backlinks on topical blogs. Thus, you improved SEO metrics and your site ranks higher in search results and gets more organic traffic. In addition, the guest article allows you to attract direct traffic to the site and increases the visibility of your resource. Learn more about how to publish a guest post.

How to publish a guest post: step by step

Many SEO specialists will agree that guest posting is a promising direction for SEO. The method is based on the placement of promotional materials on thematic sites relevant to your target audience. You can manually search sites or blogs for guest posts (using Ahrefs or search operators). In addition, you need to do the preparatory work (collect keywords, write topics, prepare letters for disclosure) and establish communication with site owners or SEOs, marketers, etc. But you need to understand that this is a very long and laborious process. process.

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With the guest post marketplace, you can publish an article on a relevant site with just a few clicks. And publishing an article takes only a couple of days. In Collaborator you will find hundreds of cryptocurrency blogs that accept guest posts. Intuitive interface, official integration with Ahrefs and Serpstat, and more than 40 other metrics for site selection, low commission, link removal guarantee, and many other convenient features are in Collaborator. It all makes working with guest posts and advertising on Telegram so much easier.

Below you can find detailed instructions for placing guest posts through the Contributor services.

Guest posting is quite an easy and understandable task that takes a bit of time. But in order to use Collaborator services, you must first register and verify your account. After that, the most interesting begins.

Specify the initial data before placing a guest post, namely:

  1. URL of the advertised website.
  2. Project’s name.
  3. Theme. Select the blog topic you want to guest post on. In our case, it is cryptocurrencies.
  4. Specify priority regions: You can specify 1 country and any number of cities.
  5. Also, describe the task in more detail so that the performer does the job in a way that he likes the result.
  6. Optionally, you can specify the landing pages you want to advertise.

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It’s also worth adding that Collaborator has a convenient editor for adding guest posts. The editor counts the number of characters, shows the uniqueness of the article, and there are many other features. For example, articles can be transferred from Google Docs with just a couple of clicks with all the images and other content.

After that, you need to submit the task to the site owner. Once your article is published, review and approve it.

Next, all you have to do is choose sites, post articles, and watch your crypto project grow.