How Landshare Real Estate NFTs Will Let Your Earn Yield From Real-World Assets



Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have created new opportunities for investors. As a new asset class, it has the potential to attract billions in capital from multiple sectors and revolutionize its business model by empowering its owners.

This is the goal of Landshare Real Estate NFT, powered by its asset tokenization technology. For the first time in the NFT sector, Landshare allows its holders to own real-world properties on the blockchain and generate a return.

That way, investors can generate double the value by owning a real-world asset, collect monthly income, and generate a return by earning LAND NFTs. Additional rewards may be up to an additional 40% Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

In contrast, an investment in traditional real estate could return around 4% per year. In addition to the mentioned 40% APY, Landshare NFT provides its users with a staking system that can increase rewards by up to 57%.

This represents an increase of 1225% in terms of a typical real estate investment. As an added benefit, users can skip management, third party and maintenance fees and make their investment more capital efficient by leveraging Landshare NFTs.

The company is determined to create a new mechanism for investing in real estate by bringing these two sectors closer together. This will make it more accessible for investors from all over the world to access the market.

In the current macro environment, with the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) hitting a multi-decade high, suggesting persistent inflation, an investor’s ability to generate returns will be critical. Landshare Real Estate’s NFTs have opened the door to the blending of the digital and physical worlds.

Maximizing your rewards with Landshare Real Estate NFTs

An investment in Landshare can cost you as little as $50 by leveraging the blockchain, you can access property through a fractional real estate investment. In other words, you don’t have to risk millions on a single property, investors can diversify their real estate portfolio and own a fraction of multiple real-world assets on the blockchain.

Additionally, Landshare Real Estate NFT returns can be combined with their Play-to-Earn model. This will allow users to generate LAND tokens that can be multiplied by updating the digital property with the resources provided by the Landshare ecosystem.

This Play-to-Earn (P2E) model will keep this feature similar to the real world. That way, an owner can generate more return for improving and owning a good property. P2E encourages them to do so.

The model will follow the creators and managers of popular games, such as The Sims. This will require owners to use limited resources to produce, repair or renovate their properties and multiply their production of LAND tokens.

The Landshare ecosystem will have its own entities that will produce the resources, a Sawmill, a Brick Factory, a Concrete Plant and more. This will add to the incorporation of the physical into the digital world and will keep owners on their toes to generate more rewards.