Gaming Focused Blockchain Oasys Launches NFT Initiative

Gaming-Focused Blockchain Oasys Launches NFT Initiative
December 12, 2022
December 12, 2022

kelly cromley

oasis networkA Blockchain Tailored for Gaming On December 8, Oasys announced the launch of OASYX, its first non-fungible token (NFT) initiative, on its native blockchain. The project’s first round of NFTs will be produced by Japan-based blockchain gaming company double, and will be overseen by game production executive Yu Suzuki.

The initial edition of OASYX will include the free release of 10,000 unique characters that will be the starting point for future people of the metaverse. In subsequent series, OASYX plans to bring a greater variety of NFTs with more possibilities and other utility cases, such as new characters, fashion accessories, and in-game accessories.

According to the Private Wealth in Digital Assets Study 2022, Singapore’s appetite for digital assets rose to 88% from the previous 53%, after the cryptocurrency market plunged immediately after the Terra Luna collapse in early May. This demonstrates the sustained confidence of the country’s market despite the disruptive volatility, especially in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies.

The survey, conducted by Singapore-based virtual asset and financial services company Matrixport, indicated that the number of Singaporean investors with a strong interest in crypto assets increased 2.2 times after the Terra Luna incident.

Singapore also saw the largest increase in the participation of massively wealthy individuals (MAIs) in crypto assets, relative to other nations. According to the survey, the cryptocurrency winter led to a 6.67-fold increase in the number of MAIs eager to purchase digital assets.

The curator-led NFT marketplace TheUpsideSpace formally kicked off on December 8 with the intention of helping both mainstream visual artists looking to break into the NFT art field as well as artists who are actually making NFT art using digital assets.

UpsideSpace presentations will help artists to conceive of their works as NFTs to penetrate the Web 3.0 area and catapult their artworks into the global arena, in a bid to attract new audiences around the world. In this way, the entry bar is lowered for emerging artists who are less familiar with the area, while being meticulously trained and directed by the environment, according to the release.