Firm Taps NFTs to Token Gate Bars, Bathrooms at Mardi Gras



Finding a decent bathroom in the midst of the chaos and revelry of Mardi Gras can be tricky. But this year, when you do have to go, at least one venue in New Orleans will be happy to let you use theirs, if you have the NFT pass.

Various perks offered as part of a new Mardi Gras-themed NFT collection arriving later this week from New Orleans-based venture studio Web3 NieuxCo include food and drink, as well as access to special events, private parties, performances, and more. exclusives and restrooms along the parade. route.

“Members of the Nieux Society used this cutting-edge technology to create a collective vision for Mardi Gras while using NFT technology to provide holders with exclusive access, benefits, and an ongoing invitation to join us on our journey to help New Orleans. to develop their full creative potential. said Tim Williamson, co-founder and CEO of NieuxCo, in a press release.

NieuxCo’s Mardi Gras-themed NFTs are a collection of 5,000 AI-generated digital collectibles.

non-expendable tokens, or NFTsThey are digital collectibles that show proof of ownership of digital assets, including videos, music, memberships, and physical items.

Creative uses of NFTs, as access tokens for real-world experiences, are not new, although they have a mixed track record. In August 2022, a New York restaurant proposed to use NFT to secure highly coveted reservations. NFT diners and fans alike were widely jeered at.

Once news of the Crypto Twitter crash leaked, the pitch became the butt of several jokes.

Other tweets were not so kind.

“I’m going to pee in the back of the building for free and there’s nothing you can do about it,” one account tweeted.

“$160 for a bathroom during LMFAO shows, just use your usual secret place to pee. However, this is a good money grab for tourists,” wrote another.

A press representative said decipher there is nothing inherently special about the bathrooms that the NFT gives access to.

Nieux says that NFT holders will also be invited to workshops and have the opportunity to participate in other New Orleans-themed NFT collections. The NFT will also unlock an augmented reality game where collectors search the city for digital doubloos that unlock additional perks.

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