Finding trusted crypto exchanges is now easier with the launch of the WhereToBuyAlts Platform

WHERETOBUYALTS is a platform that includes more than 100 altcoins and exchanges where investors can buy them.

WHERE TO BUY is a platform that offers a list of exchanges from where crypto investors can buy altcoins. Beginners often discuss various common mistakes, such as investing in low-priced coins or investing in the highest volatility. But choosing a fair exchange to buy, hold, or trade cryptocurrency is an important aspect that is often overlooked. The platform also provides information on the advantages of choosing relevant crypto exchanges.

Altcoins are generally defined as all currencies other than Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). But since the term is overused, even BTC and ETH are now listed among altcoins. These are the coins without high levels of volatility compared to new coins on the market. One could gradually grow in the relevant market by buying, holding or trading those coins. According to Forbes, there are currently no less than 21,910 cryptocurrencies on the planet, which makes it quite difficult for a beginner to start investing in the market. With this issue in mind, WHERETOBUYALTS has listed the 100 most popular altcoins on the market.

Clicking on any of the altcoins listed on WHERETOBUYALTS opens up the options available for investors to choose from trusted exchanges where they could buy all of that from. The best feature of the information is that it provides the step by step process to buy this through the pictorial presentation for all platforms. For example, clicking on Dogecoin It shows the markets such as Binance, OKEX, Kraken and Bitforex, with the advantages of choosing them and the possible compatible cryptocurrency pairs available on the relevant platforms.

Gulnara Khubutia, founder of WHERETOBUYALTS, says, “It’s often difficult for beginners to find the right guidance on where to start, and WhereToBuyAltCoins fills that information gap.” The information available on the Website is provided according to the relevant country of the visitor, i.e. if a particular crypto exchange is not operating in the visitor’s country, it will not be displayed. The website lists only trusted crypto exchanges. This endorsement makes investors satisfied that they are doing the process in a very legitimate way.

WHERE TO BUY further plans to add more altcoins to its platform in the future.

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WHERETOBUYALTS is a platform that helps crypto investors locate the most trusted crypto exchanges to buy altcoins. It was founded by Gulnara Khubutia. Currently, there are 100 altcoins listed on the platform. The website is easy to use and very useful for beginners.

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