Experts are Saying this New Project is Better Than its Competition and is Set to Explode in 2023 – How to Buy Early?

Cryptography experts are predicting fight It could become the main move-to-win project due to its huge potential.

It has already raised around $3.5 million in its pre-sale and investors and experts are very excited about its fitness app and its ambitious plans to build gyms in the real world.

Those who invest early can take advantage of a bonus offer that earns up to 50% additional FGHT tokens and an asset that will increase by around 95% when the pre-sale ends.

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Fight to knock STEPN out of the top spot?

STEPN was the first M2E project and since its launch in March 2022 it has been the undisputed leader: at its peak, the project had a market capitalization of over $2 billion.

However, in the months since, the project has fallen from highs of around $4 to its current price of $0.55, a loss of 86%.

stepn all time

Users have walked away from the project, criticizing the high start-up costs to purchase the NFTs of the sneakers and the flawed earning mechanic that sees rewards limited by the number of steps taken.

STEPN’s native GMT token is off to an extremely strong start in 2023 and is up 150% from December prices, but there is still cause for concern with only 10% of the supply in circulation.

Fight Out is aiming to take the STEPN crown and has several notable advantages over its future rival.

While STEPN only rewards users for steps, the Fight Out fitness app will reward users in the form of REPS, an off-chain currency within the app, when they complete a variety of workouts at home or on the go. Gym.

fighout app

The app uses smart technology to measure movement, effort, sleep and nutrition and create a complete digital fitness profile, as well as personalized training regimens for each user.

The regimens not only cover strength and conditioning, but also take wellness and mental health into account.

Rather than requiring expensive NFTs to get started like other M2E projects, Fight Out will work off of a more traditional app subscription and gym membership model.

REPS can be used to get discounts on gym memberships and app subscriptions, buy workout clothes and equipment, or book personal training sessions, while additional REPS can be earned by participating in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges against other users.

The Fight Out team is also scouting locations for its first real-world gym, which is scheduled to open in late 2023.

The project has plans to open the gyms, which will be packed with Web3 features, such as sensors that track workouts, in major cities around the world.

Fight Out has also brought two UFC stars, Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas, former world champion Savannah Marshall and American ninja warrior Tremayne Dortch as ambassadors.

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How to buy FGHT tokens

The FGHT token pre-sale is now in its second stage, which means that a price increase will be triggered every 12 hours up to a maximum of $0.0333 on March 31, 2023.

At press time, FGHT tokens cost $0.0174, which means those who invest now will see the FGHT price increase by 91% before the project has even had its IEO.

fightout purchase and vesting bonus

Fight Out has already secured listings on major exchanges LBank and BitForex, which boast a daily trading volume of around $1 billion, with more exchanges expected to announce listings in the near future.

Pre-sale also allows buyers to earn up to 50% more in bonus tokens, depending on the size of the purchase and the time chosen to lock in the tokens.

For example, a $500 investment with a six-month vesting period will earn 20% more than a $499 purchase with a three-month vesting period.

To earn the maximum 50% bonus, investors must make a purchase greater than $50,000 and lock tokens for the full 24 months.

Fight Out also offers four levels of membership: Contender, Champion, World Champion, Undisputed Champion, which offers other incentives such as free app subscriptions, REPS bonuses, and signed merchandise.

We have produced a complete guide on how to buy FGHT tokens during the pre-sale for those interested.

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Fight Out developers are baffled and have been KYC verified by CoinSniper, while blockchain security firm Certik has audited the FGHT token smart contract.

There is a maximum supply of 10 billion FGHT tokens with 30% of those reserved for pre-sale, 15% for the bonus scheme and another 5% for exchange liquidity.

The remaining 50% of the tokens will be awarded and unlocked for five years and will be used for the continued development of the project and gyms.

Fight Out is also running a $250,000 FGHT Token Giveaway.

Complete information about the project can be read in the Fight Out White Paper. enjoy the telegram group for the latest news.

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