EXCLUSIVE: Matt Higgins About Passing On CryptoPunks; Lessons From Crypto, NFTs; And The Exciting Potential Of Blockchain Technology – Ethereum (ETH/USD)


Entrepreneur and CEO of RSE Ventures matt higgins has been in the cryptocurrency and NFT spaces for years and has seen it all.

Higgins shared with Benzinga his lessons learned and what might be next for Web3 in general.

Higgins is a featured panelist on Benzinga’s Cryptocurrency Future in New York City on December 7.

History with NFTs, Cryptocurrency: When asked about his history with non-fungible tokens, Higgins knew exactly where he was when he had his first experience.

Higgins loves and hates telling the story.

Higgins recalled being at a dinner with Gary Vaynerchuk (also know as gary vee) and they tell me to buy five cryptopunks.

“These little JPEGs called CryptoPunks were going to be huge,” Higgins told Benzinga, recalling Vee’s advice.

Instead of buying them, Higgins asked “Why?”, a move he said any other rational human being would have asked as well.

“Digital property will be represented on the blockchain. The blockchain will be used for ticketing and so on.”

While Higgins started to take notice, he was still questioning why CryptoPunks, to which Vee responded by saying it was because they are the OG.

“I ignored it and for the next several months I spent time observing space.”

Higgins said that he had made all the mistakes in the cryptocurrency and NFT sectors and was proud of it. This includes getting hacked, being rigged, and chasing $0 crappy coins.

“All of that learning is incredibly valuable. I do not regret anything”.

What’s Next for Crypto, NFTs: Higgins said that he had seen this pattern before and that it was important to be on the edge.

“Now is the last chance with the capitulation underway,” Higgins told Benzinga. “I have never lost sight of how exciting blockchain is and its potential.”

Higgins is a fan of Ethereal EUR/USD Y Ethereum Naming Services MXN/USD.

“I think ETH is the winner, you want a scalable Layer 1.”

Higgins said he is surprised by how many people who have “earned their battle scars” in crypto and NFT are now capitulating.

“If you wait for the market to validate your sentence before you invest or act, you will lose your opportunity,” he said. Higgins added that he meant investing with time and commitment and not financially, in this case.

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Future of Crypto event: Higgins said it was important to have real life events, as Web3 can enable isolation. Events can be good for mental health.

“You want to look people in the eye,” Higgins said.

Higgins is speaking at Future of Crypto in a panel titled, “The State of Venture Funding in Crypto and Web3”.

When asked who he was excited to hear speak at Future of Crypto, Higgins shared several panelists.

“I would always pay any amount of money to listen to the Mooch (antonio scaramucci) speak.”

Higgins was also excited to hear from his fellow Shark Tank host. Kevin O’Leary. Higgins served as a guest shark on the show previously.

“Mr. Wonderful always worth the price of admission.”

Higgins was also an investor in Yuga Labs and was excited to hear from the co-founder. greg solano.

“I’m curious to see how the first real institutional player breaks through and what his strategy is.”

Higgins also loved to invest in infrastructure works like immutableX MXN/USDwho will also speak at the event.

Higgins has a new book called “Burn the Ships” coming out on December 14 which discusses the issue of hesitating and hedging instead of going all-in.

Higgins said the book was somewhat genre-defining, covering self-help, business, and being a bit of a memoir.

Higgins partnered with Shopping.io to allow people to purchase the book with cryptocurrency, helping set a new standard for e-commerce. Higgins believed that we would look back and laugh about this, in the sense that the books were not available to purchase with cryptocurrency.

Hear from Matt Higgins and many more speakers at Benzinga’s Future of Crypto on December 7 in New York City. Get tickets here.