Ethereum, BNB, Bitcoin Had a Major Price Drop


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March 9, 2022


Ethereum, BNB and Bitcoin are among the biggest cryptocurrencies that slipped, they are still struggling to get out of the dip.

The bear market hit again this week and its effects have been felt throughout the industry. Many cryptocurrencies crashed, with some posting price drops of more than 10%. Ethereum, BNB, and Bitcoin are among the biggest cryptocurrencies that slipped, and even today, they are still struggling to get out of the dip.

However, not all cryptocurrencies were crashing. Something like Bitgert and Centcex, among others, are doing very well in the market. Read more about these cryptocurrencies and what’s hot right now:


Among the main trending cryptocurrencies is the bitgert coin. This is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has been bullish during the bear run and is still doing very well during the current market respite. The main reason for the recent exponential price growth of Bitgert is the launch Bitgert BRC20 Blockchain. It is the first zero gas fee blockchain, and it has ended the costly gas fee problem on the blockchain.

Since the gas rate for this chain is $0.0000000000001, it is the cheapest gas ever seen in the industry. In addition to offering the lowest gas fee, the Bitgert blockchain is also the fastest chain after overtaking Solana to post a 100K TPS. The revolutionary Brise chain and the upcoming Bitgert exchange are among the reasons why Bitgert is hot right now.


Centcex It is also trending after making some nice gains during the bear market, but Bitgert did not skyrocket. The growth was fueled by the large number of investors who bought Centcex. Centcex is building an ecosystem with an unlimited number of products, something that is attracting the attention of investors. This project targets millions of users through its plethora of utilities, and in the process, generates a large amount of revenue for the participating CENX.

The large number of Centcex users will also increase network adoption. This is how the price of Centcex will skyrocket. So, Centcex is a crypto project designed to provide blockchain users with ultra-quality crypto applications and at the same time enrich investors. This is why more investors are buying the coin even though the project is still young.


The current market looks bullish, even with Ethereal being in the green, but looking at the last 7 days, Ethereum is still in the red. This is because it is among the cryptocurrencies that experienced a huge price drop. The falling market also pushed Ethereum below $3k.

However, Ethereum is expected to quickly recover from the drop, especially after the team announced a cheaper gas fee. This is the result of an update happening. But the Ethereum chain will also have to beat Bitgert BRC20 Blockchainwhich is now the fastest chain and has the lowest gas rate.


Current crypto market charts show that Bitcoin it is recovering more and more from the fall. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was 8% green, making it one of the biggest gainers today. In fact, Bitcoin, for the first time after many days, is trading above $40k.

However, Bitcoin is still in the red from the drop it slipped into during the recent market crash. Bitcoin is one of the coins that is expected to recover quickly and could soon remove the red region. The bull market looks like it could continue for the rest of the day.


Another cryptocurrency still struggling with the effects of the recent cryptocurrency crash is BNB. the Binance The coin was significantly affected by the recent drop and is among the coins that saw a drop of more than 10%. But the current respite is giving BNB some recovery.

In fact, BNB was green at the time of writing and it looks like it could recover from last week’s drop. The market is looking good for now, and the coin could make an impressive comeback during the current bull market. However, the BNB chain has yet to beat Bitgert BRC20 Blockchain to remain competitive.

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