EQBR Makes History By Receiving Regulatory Approval By Korean Government For FSC-Registered Security Token Offerings

San Jose, Calif.–(Newsfile Corp. – December 26, 2022) – EQBR Holdings (“EQBR”), a high-growth, early-stage web3 blockchain company, has developed a token offering solution of security (STO) by which businesses can complete security token offerings and the applications that support it (e.g. wallets, exchanges, etc.) in 30 minutes or less. EQBR has announced plans to fully integrate the Equilibrium Blockchain with APANDA Partners (“APND”). IGIS Asset Management (“IGIS”), the country’s leading real estate asset management company with a portfolio of more than $45 billion in assets under management, has the real estate assets available for tokenization and Shinhan Financial Group (“Shinhan” ), Korea’s largest financial group with $77 billion in assets under management will leverage its broad reach into client accounts and sales network on a global scale.


This is the first and only fully regulated end-to-end platform for listing and trading FSC-registered security tokens in Korea. The Equilibrium integration, which is planned to be completed in the first half of next year, is another milestone in the shared vision to lead the world in bringing and accessing large-scale real-world assets on-chain.

The FSC has taken a very conservative and prudent stance in issuing sandbox (innovative financial services) approvals to blockchain technology companies and APND went through intensive FSC scrutiny over the past year as a three-party joint venture in IGIS, shinhanY EQBR. This is why the Sandbox approval for a fragmented blockchain-based investment platform is a breakthrough for the blockchain industry and financial markets attracting global attention.

APND’s business model is summarized as follows: APND purchases high-quality assets (mainly loans secured by real estate) identified by IGIS and entrusted to Shinhan. Shinhan will issue and sell the beneficial certificates to clients, but the actual trading will be done through tokens that will be issued by APND. The individual investor can sell and buy on the secondary market in the form of a blockchain-based platform that will be operated by APND. EQBR will provide the supporting blockchain technology to enable fast and secure on-chain capabilities built into the Equilibrium blockchain.

JaeKun Jung, Head of Business at EQBR, said, “Under the approval of Sandbox, APND will be able to provide a safe and profitable investment method for individual investors in an easy and transparent manner. This is the first example showing how Web 3.0 technology can innovate in the financial sector.” EQBR has been developing business Web 3.0 solutions in Singapore and the United States as well since 2021. We will launch the same services in cooperation with local partners in Southeast Asia and the US and strive to localize and standardize our STO services for those regions. “.

The new blockchain-based business of the joint venture is scheduled to start within the first two quarters of 2023. The fragmented investment market based on real estate or real estate secured loans is still at a very early stage, but its future It is brilliant. In addition, new fragmented investment schemes based on other high-value assets, for example, high-end luxury items and art, will continue to appear in financial markets, signaling the possibility of securities being replaced by tokens. in the future. In anticipation of the sharding business model going mainstream, EQBR will introduce STO as a Service at CES 2023, a global technology event hosting over 100,000 attendees, taking place in January 2023 in Las Vegas to showcase how Companies can easily launch and operate subscription STO services.

About EQBR Holdings:

Founded in 2020, EQBR has partnered with entrepreneurial companies as an operator, investor, and provider of third-party blockchain technology solutions. EQBR’s innovative blockchain engine called Balance it is the industry’s first commercially viable blockchain. Since then, EQBR has developed several decentralized applications in addition to Balanceincluding the whispering messenger (a secure messenger, wallet and super app all in one based on blockchain), center equalization (a no-code development tool), and my flex (an NFT minting platform).

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