Dash 2 Trade Raises $14 Million – Just Days Left Before Presale Ends & IEO


  • Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto analytics platform that has been making one of the largest crypto pre-sales in recent memory.
  • Having sold and raised $14 million, it launched an overfunding round to give investors one last chance to buy tokens before their imminent listing on Tier 1 exchanges like Gate.io.

Crypto Analysis Platform dash 2 trade has raised almost $14 million through a pre-sale of its D2T crypto token. The pre-sale ends in just 4 days, so investors have little time left to buy D2T at low pre-sale prices.

Dash 2 Trade is a research and analysis platform for cryptocurrency investors and traders. Its goal is to combine crypto signals, social sentiment analysis, pre-sale analysis, and strategy development tools to help users navigate the crypto market.

Following the end of the pre-sale, Dash 2 Trade plans to list D2T on multiple exchanges. Centralized exchange listings include Changelly Pro, LBank, and BitMart. D2T will also be listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange.

Investors in the Dash 2 Trade presale will be among the first to gain access to the advanced features of this research platform. The D2T price is also expected to increase after the IPO, offering pre-sale investors the opportunity to make a quick profit on their tokens.

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Dash 2 trading beta platform is now available

Dash 2 Trade is heading to the end of its pre-sale and upcoming exchange offers with plenty of momentum. The development team launched a beta version of the analytics platform for pre-sale investors on January 5. To try out the pre-sale section of the dashboard, go to beta.dash2trade.com.

The beta platform includes many of Dash 2 Trade’s most anticipated analytics features. First, crypto investors will be able to monitor the social sentiment around hundreds of crypto tokens. Investors can quickly spot trending cryptocurrencies on social media communities like Twitter and Reddit before their prices skyrocket.

Investors can also take advantage of advanced on-chain analytics. This allows them to monitor what institutional investors and crypto whales are trading.

The beta platform will include crypto signals selected by Dash 2 Trade’s expert team of analysts. These signals will contain all the information cryptocurrency traders need to buy and sell tokens, including entry prices, stop losses, and profit targets.

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A reviewer using the name free boy wrote: D2t is really cool, I mean, just look at their beta dashboard.”

Another beta tester, this time on Twittercommented, “Wow, I’m very impressed with Dash 2 Trade Beta”, while “wow, that’s amazing. Good job”, was the comment of another user.

In the near future, Dash 2 Trade also plans to implement more advanced features including strategy backtesting and cryptocurrency exchange integrations. These features will allow experienced cryptocurrency traders to create and optimize trading strategies, research trades, and invest all from a single platform.

In addition, the Dash 2 Trade team aims to develop its trading community and offer incentives for high-quality trading approaches. The development team plans to offer commercial tournaments with crypto prizes from the end of 2023.

Looking even further into the future, Dash 2 Trade plans to create a trading academy, social trading platform, mobile app, and technical charting interface. The Dash 2 Trade development team will also be soliciting feedback from its community to identify additional features that would be useful to traders.

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The pre-sale panel offers a unique crypto scoring system

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the beta platform is the cryptocurrency pre-sale panel. Dash 2 Trade offered a preview of this tool in a video tutorial released late last month.

The pre-sale dashboard contains detailed information about new crypto projects, including their tokenomics and smart contract audits. It also provides access to Dash 2 Trade’s proprietary Dash Score.

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This is a score from 0-100 assigned to each new pre-sale based on 5 metrics: Team (30%), Product (20%), Marketing (20%), Development (20%), and Tokenomics (10%).

Dash scoring allows crypto investors to quickly prioritize new crypto projects to investigate. It could become the industry-wide standard for comparing cryptocurrency pre-sales.

The pre-sale panel also ranks crypto tokens based on whether the projects have attracted VC investment, have been audited, and have upcoming exchange listings.

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Continued demand for D2T

Demand for Dash 2 Trade’s native D2T token has been extremely strong during the pre-sale. In fact, the presale is currently 103% sold out, but the development team has decided to continue offering tokens until the scheduled end date of the presale on January 11.

Funds from the pre-sale will be used to support the launch of the full Dash 2 Trade analytics platform and the deployment of additional tools such as strategy backtesting. Funds raised during the last few days of the oversubscribed pre-sale will also help Dash 2 Trade get listed on additional centralized and decentralized exchanges in the future.

The development team and many analysts expect the demand for D2T tokens to remain strong after the end of the pre-sale.

D2T is required to pay for Dash 2 Trade subscriptions. While there is a free tier available, most of Dash 2 Trade’s unique features, including the pre-sale panel, require a paid monthly or yearly subscription to D2T.

This means that as Dash 2 Trade attracts more traders, the demand for D2T tokens is likely to increase. These tokens can be purchased through Changelly Pro, LBank, and BitMart, driving up the price of D2T on the open market.

Also, Dash 2 Trade is being launched in partnership with Learn 2 Trade, a cryptographic signal service. Many members of the Dash 2 Trade development team are Learn 2 Trade veterans and used their experience on that platform to build Dash 2 Trade.

Learn 2 Trade has a community of over 70,000 cryptocurrency traders that Dash 2 Trade could tap into once the D2T token becomes widely available on exchanges.

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Last chance to buy D2T during pre-sale

There are only 4 days left in the Dash 2 Trade presale, so time is running out for investors to buy D2T before it hits major exchanges.

The D2T price is expected to be significantly higher during the initial exchange offering than during the last few days of the pre-sale. For the next 4 days, investors can buy D2T at a fixed list price of 1 D2T = 0.0556 USDT.

Investors can buy D2T during the presale with Ethereum, Tether, or a credit card. The minimum investment is 1,000 D2T, or 55.6 USDT at pre-sale prices. All D2T purchased during the pre-sale will be delivered to investors at the end of the pre-sale, prior to the initial exchange offering.

Buying D2T during the pre-sale is one way to lock in the lowest price for a Dash 2 Trade subscription and could offer investors the opportunity for quick profits.

Dash 2 Trade has raised nearly $14 million through its pre-sale and the future for this crypto-analytics platform looks bright. Check out the Dash 2 Trade pre-sale today for one last chance to buy D2T before it hits major exchanges on January 11.

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