D2T Crypto Starts the Year with a Dash, Gains Over 195% in Just 30 Days

Perhaps surprisingly, the 2023 crypto market is buzzing with new tokens delivering excellent use cases and providing enjoyable gains to its investors and holders. This is a welcoming change from the last year’s crypto market, a severe crypto winter.

One such crypto is d2t crypto (Dash 2 Trade), an excellent analytics and insights platform for traders who need a trading edge in the crypto market. Thanks to its impressive utilities, D2T investors record profits from their early investments in the token .

This token has seen a massive rally in price in 30 days as it currently trades at $0.040, a whopping 195% jump from February’s price. In this post, we’ll consider the reasons why you should buy this unique coin. The crypto market lists thousands of tokens.

Traders and investors can scout through these cryptos and invest in them short- and long-term. However, it is difficult to do so as the crypto market is filled with many scam projects and shit coins. Also, traders miss out on new cryptos ready to dominate the market early on, thereby missing out on early gains.

It therefore becomes necessary to have a platform that measures specific metrics of a cryptocurrency before traders and investors can invest their funds to make a profit. Thankfully, Dash 2 Trade is an innovative crypto platform ready to take your trading and investment journey to newer heights.

This crypto platform accesses specific information about new and existing cryptos, ensuring users get more value for their money’s worth.

Presales and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are ways investors invest in new cryptos and gain massive profits as the cryptos surge in value. However, several new cryptos, good and bad, are up for presale. No platform can ascertain the project’s credibility until now.

Dash 2 Trade introduces its proprietary presale dashboard where users can get first-hand information on new crypto presales before anyone else. It includes smart contract audits and the team’s background information.

After accessing various metrics, the D2T platform scores and ranks them for prospective users and investors to check out to make better investment decisions. This presale dashboard does not only ensure that users invest in early presale stages before exchange listings; it also makes sure users don’t invest in sham projects.

While many users (investors) enjoy investing long-term in the crypto market, many enjoy day trading. Day trading involves taking several buy or sell positions as cryptos fluctuate in price and take profit.

In ensuring these day traders make consistent gains in the crypto market, Dash 2 Trade provides trading signals to such users. So, as a day trader, you can take low-risk buying and selling positions and enjoy incredible returns in price.

Other trading tools you can utilize on this platform include:

Strategy builder and back tester for testing new strategies on your preferred crypto

On-chain metrics for analyzing popular blockchain networks in the market

Social indicators to ascertain the market’s bearish/bullish sentiments

Listing alerts to take advantage of crypto listed on top-tier exchanges

These tools are available on the Dash 2 Trade platform, ensuring users become effective and result-oriented traders.

It is important to recognize that getting these valuable trading tools from the D2T platform comes at a price. The native token of Dash 2 Trade is D2T, an ERC-20 utility token. D2T serves as a means of a subscription fee for the platform. Thus, to access Dash 2 Trade and utilize its premium tools, you must have the required amount of D2T tokens in your wallet.

The platform offers three subscription tiers for its users. They are the free, starter, and premium tiers. The free tier allows you to access basic features on the D2T platform at no price. You have access to fewer cryptos on the presale dashboard.

The starter tier costs 400 D2T monthly. You can access the presale dashboard more and enjoy the tools the D2T platform offers.

The premium tier costs 1,000 D2T monthly, and you have full access to the platform features. You can also participate in quarterly giveaways and enjoy subscription discounts (9,600 D2T yearly instead of 12,000 D2T). You also enjoy Dash 2 Trade live streams where top experts and professionals analyze prospective tokens.

Interestingly, the maximum supply of D2T is capped at 1 billion. Also, as a utility token, D2 T’s value is independent of demand and supply market forces. Instead, it surges as more traders demand to subscribe to the platform to enjoy quality trading features.

As a web 3.0 platform, Dash 2 Trade sees community growth as a vital indicator of success in the crypto market. As such, no centralized entity controls the decisions and output of members in the ecosystem. Also, the D2T ecosystem is home to thousands of professional traders utilizing its tools and providing top-notch analysis of trending cryptos in the market.

Without any doubt, Dash 2 Trade is experiencing a monumental price increase, providing its early investors with more gains in the market. This project provides essential trading analysis for users to become excellent traders. Dash 2 Trade is listed on four top-tier exchanges: Uniswap, LBank, Gate.io, and BitMart. Thus, now is the best time to invest in D2T tokens before further price rallies occur.