Crypto Whales Believe These Altcoins Have Huge Potential – Find Out Why

Despite destabilizing economic conditions and Possibilities of contagion of FTX, the crypto market has been relatively stable recently, with Bitcoin hovering between $16k and $18k. As this period of market consolidation continues, whales are stocking up on select coins in anticipation of a next bull run as we head into 2023, as predicted by many analysts including Blockware Solutions.

“Bear markets tend to have much shorter cycles than subsequent bull markets. For this reason, we are likely to see markets bottom out in the first half of 2023,” Blockware Solutions predicts in its recently released 2023 Market Forecast. .

Blockware noted in the report that crypto market prices would likely bottom out when the Fed halts its Fed Runds rate hikes.

“The United States will likely remain in a declining PMI environment that could push it to extreme lows,” the authors wrote. “This recession signal may coincide with extreme declines in equity indices. We may also see the decline in the US M2 money supply come to an end in 2023. This increase in market liquidity tends to mark the start of higher prices for assets and securities.”

As savvy whales and investors know, to take full advantage of a potential market rally in 2023, it is vital to be prepared and invest in good projects while they still have a discount on their pre-sales before they go on the market. Additionally, using solid risk management strategies with assets that are already on the market will also help increase overall profits.

As we look ahead to a potential market recovery in 2023, a few coins have particularly drawn interest from crypto whales based on their promising fundamentals and notable reversal rates on their early sales: FGHT, D2T, CCHG, TARO, and RIA.

Fight (FGHT)

FightOut is an upcoming move-to-win (M2E) gym chain and app that will combine smart technology and fitness incentives with a supportive fitness community. It will give users the ability to track their workouts for insights, receive rewards for their efforts, and compete in challenges against other users. Additionally, users can use the REPS tokens they earn to purchase discounts on gym subscriptions and memberships, as well as clothing, supplements, and training equipment.

The FightOut platform will reward users for their progress while completing workouts at home or at the gym. This data is then represented in a soul-bound NFT avatar that shows each user’s progress within the app. As users reach more of their real-life fitness goals, their avatar’s stats will level up as well. Users can then fight with their avatars against other users’ avatars for rewards. The goal of this system is to motivate people to stay healthy by providing tangible rewards for their efforts, as well as through social inspiration.

The company’s fitness gyms will feature built-in Web3 features, such as “mirrors” that display users’ digital fitness profiles and use sensors to track workouts and provide users with tips and information while recording their efforts to get rewards and level up your avatars. The project also has an ambassador program with renowned boxers and athletes who will provide master classes and unique events.

This project has the potential to transform the M2E and fitness app marketplace, so it’s no surprise that there’s huge demand for its token, which has raised $2.6 million in just a few weeks so far.

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Dash Trading 2 (D2T)

The innovative Dash 2 Trade will be released in early 2023, and its features make it a game changer within the sphere of cryptocurrency trading. It provides traders complete visibility and control over their investments through its robust feature set, as well as an encouraging community that offers beneficial resources for evaluating projects before investing. With these tools at their disposal, traders can approach investments with confidence knowing that they have access to essential data.

The Dash 2 Trade platform gives both novice and experienced traders the opportunity to hone their strategies and take advantage of automated trading, using trading APIs. Furthermore, their token pre-sale scoring system ensures that users have the opportunity to invest in high-potential tokens early on.

The platform will also provide advanced analytics and real-time sentiment monitoring capabilities. In addition to these cutting-edge features, Dash 2 Trade’s parent company has also built a strong community around the platform due to Learn 2 Trade’s established international base of its other platform of over 70,000 traders.


The D2T token presale has had an impressive run since its launch, with the presale currently sold out and additional investors being accepted for a limited time. In order to raise an additional $2 million for more exchange listings and faster product launches, an additional 36,000,000 tokens have been made available at $0.0556 each. The success of this pre-sale has allowed the team to raise a whopping $13.5 million in funding and counting, giving them ample resources to continue optimizing the platform.

The team was able to exceed their development goals ahead of schedule when they launched the beta version of the pre-sales section of their trading dashboard today, January 4. In addition, they announced an additional listing on, alongside the listings already announced on Changelly Pro, BankY BitMart.

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C+Charge (CCGH)

C+Charge is a great demonstration of how blockchain technology can be harnessed to provide practical solutions to real-world problems. Its peer-to-peer payment system and smart contracts make it easy for EV owners to search for available charging stations and pay directly from their crypto wallets without additional fees or long wait times typical of traditional payment systems.

C+Charge solves a variety of electric vehicle charging problems, such as:

1. Expensive Fees: C+Charge eliminates additional costs associated with classic payment systems and helps users discover more cost-effective charging solutions.

2. Unstable accessibility: With its searchable database, C+Charge makes it easy for EV owners to find available stations near them.

3. Low transparency: C+Charge offers an open and transparent platform that allows users to access all current data on chargers and prices instantly.

4. Poor security – Blockchain protects the platform and provides peace of mind for customers by providing secure transactions and a secure environment for online payments.

5. No real-time information: With C+Charge, customers have access to instant updates on the status of their charging device, ensuring they are never left in the dark.

c charge nft

Through its innovative solutions to existing problems in the electric vehicle charging space, C+Charge shows how blockchain technology can be used to solve real challenges on our planet. As electric vehicles become more and more popular, C+Charge has a unique opportunity to make its mark in this rapidly developing sector.

The C+Charge pre-sale will see the price increase from its current $0.013 USDT each in three additional stages until it reaches $0.02350, so now is a good time to jump ahead of the next price increase.

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Robot Age (TARO)

Enter the post-apocalyptic world of Taro in RobotEra, where you and your robot ally will have to bravely traverse and restore the wasteland of the post-apocalyptic world of Taro. Use tools within the metaverse to easily build robots or assets, with no coding experience required. With no-code tools at your disposal, you can create something truly unique out of nothing.

Enter the post-apocalyptic world of Taro in RobotEra and explore with your robot partner to rebuild the barren wasteland after an apocalyptic event. Players can easily build robots or assets within the RobotEra metaverse without any coding experience and take advantage of no-code tools to create and customize robots and other in-game assets.

RobotEra’s pre-sale campaign has raised nearly $670k and counting as players look forward to the integration of virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) into the game in 2023. This feature will allow players to create even more immersive custom realms. inside the metaverse

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Calvaria (RIA)

If you are a PvP enthusiast and play to win eager to challenge your mind, then Calvaria: Duels of Eternity will be of great interest to you. With their NFT-exclusive trading cards, players can strategize and challenge their rivals in the afterlife. Token holders will also have the opportunity to control the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that dictates the game’s decisions, as well as earn recurring passive income through staking.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of crypto whales and smaller investors, the funds raised during this game’s token pre-sale have so far reached $2.66 million of the $3 million goal.

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