Crypto Trading Platform Reveals Surging Sign Ups for Its Dashboard Beta

Leading professional cryptocurrency business intelligence platform dash 2 trade it has just reached a key milestone in its nascent growth. Dash 2 Trade, which will launch the alpha version of its platform in the second quarter of this year, is currently beta testing its pre-sale analytics dashboard.

According to the official Dash 2 Trade Twitter account, the number of registrations that tested the beta pre-sale panel reached 7,000 earlier this week, a good sign that the platform will attract a large number of users when it goes live later this year. Dash 2 Trade will offer a free and premium version of its platform, which users will be able to access through a paid subscription in Dash 2 Trade’s native crypto token. D2T.

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What is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is an analysis platform designed for professional/highly active cryptocurrency investors. The platform is home to a variety of useful features, including trading signals, social metrics data, on-chain indicators, a pre-sales insights and scoring system, news feeds, and a strategy testing tool.

One of Dash 2 Trade’s unique selling points over its competitors is its pre-sale token monitoring and scoring system. The system is dedicated to providing due diligence on pre-sale projects. This could be a very valuable tool for investors, given that pre-sales, while still considered risky, have historically been able to generate the best crypto returns.

Pre-sale analytics have generally been neglected by trading platforms until now, with some suggesting this is because reliable data can be hard to come by. Dash 2 Trade uses a combination of automated systems and human analysts to inform its scoring system.

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With around 20-30 pre-sale releases every week, it’s almost impossible for investors to keep track of them all without help. As a result, the board is expected to attract significant demand.

Should Investors Buy the D2T Dip?

D2T, the token that powers the Dash 2 trading platform, list via numerous centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges earlier this week.

Things started out well, with D2T hitting a high of $0.06 per token on Wednesday, according to Trading View citing exchange data. That was substantially above the price pre-sale investors paid in the final stage of the pre-sale of $0.0556.

However, the sellers have since gained control and D2T has since pulled back below $0.02, a nearly 70% drop after the ICO highs.

But investors should not lose hope. The basics of the project look good. Beta testing is underway and attracting a lot of excitement. In the meantime, the alpha version of the platform’s dashboard is still on track for next quarter, which will provide Dash 2 Trade with immediate cash flow that the project can use to further expand development and marketing activities.

Many bulls may be tempted to buy the dip, with D2T currently trading at a substantial discount compared to its pre-sale end price. Prior to the token’s listing, some traders, including popular presale analyst Jacob Crypto Bury, had argued that D2T has a good chance of producing 10x returns. With D2T having fallen from its pre-sale price, investors buying at current levels could be looking for 20x returns, or even higher if they are willing to endure volatility over a longer time horizon.

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