Crypto Commerce Leader Exeno Announces IEO and Its Coin


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Majuro, Marshall Islands, September 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — exemptan innovator for the cryptocurrency-based e-commerce sector, has announced its initial exchange offering (IEO) and first public coin sale on the popular cryptocurrency exchange. AAX. The process will bring free currency utility to the masses and offer numerous benefits to its holders.

IEO begins on October 3, 2022, 9:00 am UTC. The Exeno (EXN) coin will be included in AAX on October 6, 2022. In addition to obtaining financing for the project, the IEO fulfills other objectives. For starters, the IEO strengthens exeno’s position as a pioneer in the crypto-commerce (“c-commerce”) market. Second, it allows users to easily participate in fund exchanges using EXNs. Lastly, exeno will have instant access to the AAX user base and the coin quote will improve the liquidity of AAX. As a result, both ends of the spectrum benefit.

To participate in the IEO, visit AAAX website.

About the exeno currency (EXN)

Exeno coin (EXN) powers the exeno ecosystem and complements exeno’s ultimate vision of “Bringing Crypto to Life” through daily utility and ultimately mass adoption.

The Exeno Coin is a multi-chain coin that supports Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain (expanding to more). This helps Exeno to collectively take advantage of the characteristics of different blockchains and unifies the crypto ecosystem.

EXN holders will be able to take advantage of multiple benefits such as Stake Back programs, a cashback program developed for cryptocurrency trading, referral programs, and more.

EXN will not only play the role of a real utility in the exeno ecosystem, but will also support the overall growth of the crypto trading industry. Users can bet, match, and in the future trade EXNs through the free dapp and get great returns.

About exeno

Exeno is merging the world of e-commerce with blockchain technology and has become a leader within the crypto commerce (“c-commerce”) space. It uses the untapped potential of cryptocurrencies to bring e-commerce to a Web3-based reality. As a result, exeno offers innovative tools and solutions that make online shopping and crypto payments faster, more secure, and more adaptable. By joining the exeno ecosystem, you and your company can keep up with the changing world and benefit from the best technology.

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