Cronos Crypto News – Can Cronos Pump Deeper into 2023 Q1?


Cronos took a huge price hit following shocking events in the crypto space that caused most cryptocurrencies to lose value. The token had plunged 90% from its all-time high. Now though, things are looking much better as the price has started to skyrocket again as we move further into the first quarter.

Investors are still a bit undecided when it comes to Cronos, though many are waiting to see if the coin pumps or falls in the coming weeks. However, some projects are working despite the market downturn; These include Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight (FGHT), Dash Trading 2 (D2T), C+Charge (CCHG), Robot Age (TARO)Y Calvaria (RIA).

Investors are constantly on the hunt for better investments.s. The question remains whether Cronos is worth it or rather investing in the better performing pre-sale cryptocurrencies. Let’s find out!

The future of Chronos

Following the crash of one of the largest exchanges, depositors and investors requested proof of reserves from major exchanges to ensure they had liquidity for customer deposits. However, was seen to have made suspicious token moves and also proved to have more SHIB than ETH, which came as a surprise. The native token, Chronos, dropped due to the reveal.

Cronos then lost more than 90% of its value from its all-time high. Although it has recently seen a rally, current FUD would indicate that we are not out of the woods yet. Looking at the current market sentiment, we expect Cronos to drop or extend further into its current price zone.

With this information and data, you should look at other options and learn why they are the best bet for your investments.

Best Crypto Alternatives to Cronos

You can take advantage of some options if you want to make massive profits. The crypto tokens are listed below:

  • Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)
  • Fight (FGHT)
  • Dash Trading 2 (D2T)
  • C+Charge (CCHG)
  • Robot Age (TARO)
  • Calvaria (RIA)

Meta Masters Guild

The P2E crypto market has been exploding in popularity for quite some time now. However, there have been problems within this crypto sector with pump and dump schemes. Now this is a general problem for cryptocurrencies, but specifically for P2E gaming.

Meta Masters Guild they believe they have identified the problem and intend to solve it with their project. They see what happened earlier, which is players earn their crypto by playing the game, and once they do, they download it and move on. However, Meta Masters Guild will use its native currency to enhance the overall gaming experience for its players. Instead, players can use in-game currency, Gems, to enhance their gaming experience and purchase game assets.

Meta Masters Guild also aims to recreate something that, as of now, blockchain games don’t have, but traditional games are famous for. This would be the guild or community effect associated with big franchises like League of Legends and Call of Duty. They hope that the community atmosphere they create in their games can bridge the gap and encourage more traditional players to participate.

meta-masters guild

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The success that M2E crypto has experienced in recent times seems set to continue if fight outside presale is anything to get by. The $3 million raised mark has already been passed and it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down anytime soon. It’s no wonder when you look at the Fight Out white sheet where this popularity comes from.

FightOut’s goal is to combine the best parts of fitness apps and traditional gyms, and in doing so, also solve your problems. Users can get a personalized training experience that is tailored to their goals, strengths, schedule, and even the equipment they have available. Users can then earn Native Currency (REP), which can be used to redeem items in their excellent online store or to unlock more personalized and advanced training.

fight (FGHT)

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Dash Trading 2 (D2T)

He dash 2 trade token is a great option to look at instead of Chronos. And the coin will pump regardless of the current market condition.

The token will power the Dash 2 Trade platform, which helps traders make informed decisions about their trades. The tools provided by the platform will help both new and veteran traders to maximize their profits. You will need to use D2T tokens to access some of these tools.

Dash 2 Trade’s popularity has never wavered, as the pre-sale raised the $15 million that was originally proposed. The launch of the beta site and the CEX listing announcements were met with enthusiasm. You can add Dash 2 Trade to your portfolio by visiting or one of the many other exchanges it is listed on.

dash2trade (1)
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Crypto took a noticeable shift in 2022 towards more environmentally conscious projects, this was seen with the success of the pre-sale of IMPT projects. Carbon credits have become a big part of these projects as the industry expands around the world. C+Load is another one that will put carbon credits in the hands of those who are helping the environment.

In this case, it is for those who drive electric vehicles (EVs). C+Charge will reward your app users every time they charge their cars. They will also solve many problems with charging stations. Until now, lack of up-to-date information and payment issues have been problems faced by EV drivers. The C+charge app allows peer-to-peer payment and will have live information from all charging stations available to its users.


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Robot Age (TARO)

EraRobot is a metaverse token with excellent prospects in 2023. The coin is currently having a pre-sale, and it has been doing well so far. With his metaverse under construction, he could use his robot, which serves as his avatar, to rebuild the destroyed planet of Taro.

With unlimited income streams, the creators have truly created something with the potential to be very special. By allowing their players full control, they have created a sandbox-like game that can lead to continuous development throughout its lifespan. Streams of income from things like charging access to structures you’ve built only encourage players to contribute to the game.


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Calvaria (RIA)

calvaria is a play to win game with epic features. Players are rewarded with the RIA token for playing the game. With what they are building and how their pre-sale has been so far, buying the coin is a good option and better than Cronos. Many heavyweights in the cryptocurrency industry support this project such as Kucoin,, etc. and are ready to list it once the IEO ends after the pre-sale concludes on January 31.

Calvaria is another P2E project hoping to bring more traditional gamers into the blockchain gaming lifestyle. Unlike many other games, they offer a free game mode that is available for download from the app store. His hope is that players love the game and want to really get involved once they’ve tried it.

final thoughts

Cronos had fallen sharply from its all-time high, but things are starting to look much better as we head into 2023. However, without a clear indication showing whether the pump will continue with the current market condition, it makes a lot of sense for an investor. to diversify and seek alternatives.

In this article, we list the coins that should perform the best and hopefully generate a massive return for investors. Crucially, all of the coins listed are on pre-sale or have just started their CEX listings. This means that very affordable prices can be found before a possible bull run, investors can get involved without risking their bank too much.

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