Creating a New Web 3.0

Aurora, CO, Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The years 2020-2022 are a bullish-bearish transition period. As crypto investors, we have witnessed the landscape of bitcoin’s climb to the top of the mountain and seen the wreckage left behind by the market crash. As the world’s leading crypto asset trading platform, BIKA created a new Web 3.0 business world to get back to the nature of business. The aura of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse hasn’t faded yet, and we can still see the way forward. Amidst stormy changes, BIKA was born in the bull market, developed in the bear market, and realized in chaos and crisis.

In March 2021, BIKA incorporated into the United States, obtained the MSB license, and released “BIKA Trading System 1.0” simultaneously.

In October 2021, “BIKA Trading System 2.0” was launched to facilitate trading.

In December 2021, we reached the goal of 2 million registered users and became the fastest growing exchange in the world.

In May 2022, the launch of “BIKA trading system 3.0”, a comprehensive optimization of the trading experience, ushered in a new era in contract trading.

In August 2022, ranking 19th in the global cryptocurrency trading platform, BIKA is step by step becoming the pioneer of the cryptocurrency industry.

And on December 9, 2022, BIKA announced: BIKA will start a new update on December 16, “ZimaBlue” will arrive, open Web3.0 portal, and achieve the official release of NFT.

With more than 3 million users, more than 20,000 average daily activities, more than 1,000 daily user growth, and more than 3,000 merchants joining BIKA, BIKA expresses its vitality and progress over time in bright, sparkling data.

The motto “Make every transaction trustworthy” has always been present in BIKA’s service system, and is also experienced in every BIKA update and optimization. As the world’s leading crypto asset trading platform, BIKA has always relied on user trading experience, creating a smooth and secure crypto platform, and is committed to becoming the industry benchmark in the crypto industry. .

However, BIKA’s ambition is never limited to the concept of a crypto asset trading platform. After announcing the brand upgrade, BIKA not only introduces the ecology of Web3.0, but also opens up more space for development through this focus point. BIKA is no longer like an ordinary person who sticks to the rules, but will have more activities and actions to break the rules and break herself in the future.

The future of BIKA: more roles ready to unlock

“We need to change our role, learn to innovate and not become a stagnant, backward and outdated car.” This was expressed by Augustin, CEO of BIKA, in an internal meeting to promote the brand update. For him, who founded BIKA, founded Silicon Valley Creation Capital and launched BIKA New York World Blockchain, he knows that constant change is required to continue to survive and thrive in the increasingly cutthroat crypto industry.

The crypto industry usually evolves around the concept of centralization and decentralization, and all platforms or companies, large and small, play their role within this realm to support and contribute to the development of the industry. And BIKA also strives to become a builder, a leader, and even a digger from a participant. In this sense, we should have more expectations for the future of BIKA.

BIKA “Building” system encryption ecosystem in all aspects of development

service system

BIKA has never stopped building BIKA’s characteristic service system. Experience in customer service, experience in products, experience in security and risk control management make up the BIKA service system.

But with the growth of user volume and BIKA gaining support from users all over the world, BIKA will continue to promote BIKA service system upgrade.

Launch of more products

As a cryptocurrency trading platform, the available products are more and more integrated, trading, exchange, saving, mining, IEO, etc. they will be added to BIKA products one after another to provide users with higher quality product experiences. BIKA’s future infrastructure is a comprehensive trading-based asset management platform, and a larger ecosystem will be derived from this foundation.

Building a crypto ecosystem with BIKA as the core

As a builder, BIKA is not only limited to current construction achievements, taking itself as the core and radiating outward to a larger circle is the core and focus of BIKA’s future construction. We will build a crypto ecosystem with BIKA at the core, through multi-party asset management, media partnership, and public chain ecology, and gain more partners.

“Lead” the development of security regulation and Web3.0 in the crypto industry

Become a leader

BIKA currently has a large number of users with more than 5 billion transactions and more than 20,000 people trading every day. In the field of financial crypto derivatives, BIKA has a growing concern. With the gradual improvement of experience, BIKA will have a great chance to become a leader. Not only derivatives, but also spot trading, project incubation, etc. BIKA will also join in and strive to become a world leader.

Security and regulation of crypto assets

After obtaining the US MSB license, the security of BIKA’s crypto assets has been ensured, but it is not enough. By achieving higher compliance and legalizing the operation, BIKA promotes itself as a safe and trustworthy platform for assets in an environment with perfect regulatory rules. In the future, BIKA will be more compatible and more secure.

Promote the development of Web3.0

Crypto platforms will give users more autonomous rights in the future, and the world of Web3.0 has enough room for unrestrained imagination. At that time, BIKA will open the portal of Web3.0, trust the decentralized wallet, find its own role positioning, and swim in the metaverse through a DAPP.

“Discover” innovative applications and support the development of the BIKA community

project incubation

BIKA’s future is to be a discoverer and incubator of projects. Through BIKA, users can see the growth of projects and get more opportunities to participate in the pre-project stage. Furthermore, through the injection of funds, BIKA will also support more projects with potential.

event pushing

BIKA maintains a large number of activities released every month, official activities, community activities, social media activities, a full range of activities to maintain sufficient strength, with the development of BIKA, there will be more fun activities, gifts.

More blockchain application prospects in the future

BIKA will strive to promote more blockchain applications in the field, including providing more product support for the DeFi field, rich ecological support for the Web3.0 field, and financial and technical support for other fields. BIKA, not just an exchange, but also a one-stop service platform, a financial management platform, and a driving force for blockchain applications.

The future is far because BIKA upholds this concept of sustainable development and wishes to achieve a longer-term development in the future; the future is near because BIKA is pragmatic in the present and takes one step at a time to achieve its goals and bring more surprises and changes to users and the crypto industry.

BIKA will enter a bigger stage in the future and show the charm and value of BIKA to all cryptocurrency users. On the way to Web3.0, we hope that BIKA will bring us more surprises.