Core DAO Gives Long-Term Update Before Mainnet Launch

Recent comments from CEOs do not bode well for a speedy arrival on Open Mainnet.

Pi Network co-founders give insight in podcast

Pi Network has been growing organically to over 30 million users for over three years. Since December 2021, many users have been waiting to see the official arrival of the mainnet, but the continuous delays keep users waiting.

Following the accompanying mainnet launch in December 2021, important blog post from the Pi Core team arrived in March 2022, updating the community and detailing the progress of the mainnet. This blog post predicted the arrival of the open mainnet in March or June 2022.

Now, in December 2022, many members of the Pi community are searching for answers. The attached mainnet is taking longer than expected due to KYC issues. And the wait could be even longer.

A recent interview with Pi Network co-founders Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan on the CRYPTO 101 podcast, it did little to boost the spirit of the mainnet’s arrival. See an excerpt in the tweet below where Fan predicts progress on the next two to three years about the Red Pi vision.

edycabasan active member of the Pi Network community, he also gives a pessimistic view of the project in the next half year.

Another reason many projects are getting anxious is the lack of fiat connection to the Pi network. Many projects find it difficult to obtain funding, legitimize their projects, and build communities without access to finance.

“Because Pi has no value during the mainnet shutdown, and the exchange of legal currency is also prohibited. And the timing of the opening of the mainnet is unknown, so all application development teams face a common problem, the problem of funds”, a pi chain shopping center team member said BSC news.

Recent validator problems they have also begun to cause headaches for many veteran and passionate Pioneers.

To their credit, the Pi Network Core Team has been in communication with the Pi community throughout. There are even core team members designated as contacts for major Pi projects. There has been transparency.

And through it all, many members of the Pi community are holding their own and persevering in market conditions.

With millions of members and empty promises of real world profits, many projects and users are still affected by the continued postponements. Another major update from the Pi Network team could serve to allay community concerns.

Watch the full interview below with Pi Network co-founders Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan, along with Bryce Paul from the Crypto 101 podcast.

What is the Pi network?

Pi Network is a mobile blockchain mining project with a mission to give everyone access to the cryptocurrency revolution. The project was founded by a equipment from Stanford University Ph.D. candidates who designed a mobile-friendly blockchain mining algorithm.

The Pi Network has evolved over the years and has organized a hackathonbuilt a couple of working Pi blockchain applications and is now in the final stages of transitioning to the public mainnet.‍

Where to find the Pi network:

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